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Apr 8, 2008 09:30 AM

Kansas City BBQ Company is moving

Kansas City BBQ Company has closed in Universal City and is moving to North Hollywood.

According to their voicemail, they will be open at 10863 Magnolia (1 block east of Vineland) by Friday.

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  1. I hope there aren't any delays, I'm gonna need my BBQ fix soon.

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    1. re: ldodb

      Of course I spoke to soon, there were delays. But to all you BBQ lovers out there. I am happy to say that they have reopened at their new location!!!
      I'm going to get my BBQ fix.

      1. re: ldodb

        I work six blocks away, so that'll probably be me at the next table ... will definitely report back!

        1. re: maxzook

          I was in the neighborhood today and drove by the place. It sure didn't look like it was open to me.

          1. re: chuck

            I went by there yesterday, they are definitely open. I had a brisket sandwich which was just what I needed, perfect, just as I remembered. Fries were perfect and crispy as well. Also they have 4 beers on tap now, I forgot which ones. Yea the storefront is not totally complete, but it's definitely open for business!

      1. Update: They're still working on renovating the space at 10863 Magnolia (corner Satsuma, used to be a Bolivian restaurant called La Kantuta).

        No sign showing an opening date, but it looks like they're making progress. Also, they're applying for a beer/wine license.

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        1. re: maxzook

          Not only are they applying, but they have already received their beer & wine license, per the attached. So, whenever they do open, alcohol should be an option.

          1. re: carter

            I'm really glad to hear that Carter. What is a good tri tip sandwich without a great Zinfandel?

            1. re: Hughlipton

              Would surely get my attention!!!
              Now whose great Zin do you think they will be serving?
              Probably not even a decent one, but they would surely be missing a great opportunity to expand their draw.
              Even wish Pineapple Hill would get that philosophy.

              1. re: carter

                Love the burgers at Pineapple Hill and often take home so as to not drink martinis or the swill they call house cabernet. I think I ill try the same with K C. Do take out. Great Columbia Crest cab just released under Horse heaven vineyard or something like that. About $15 a bottle and a 93 WS rating. That's like drinking without guilt. I got a case. At that price it might make a great houase wine and go well with hamburgers or tri tip sandwiches.

                1. re: Hughlipton

                  I've done BYO at Pineapple Hill, which shocks the staff, yet indirectly conveys a message regarding said swill.
                  the only way to order a martini is to call the brand, period.
                  Where did you find the CCrest cab - in Studio City, or ?

                  1. re: carter

                    Special ordered from Ryan at athe Flask.

          2. re: maxzook

            ...And this is my first notification that La Kantuta had closed - hadn't made the connection before. I had some good though odd meals there. On the other hand, a KC-style BBQ joint is always an ornament to the neighborhood.

            1. re: FoodObsessive

              i got some baby-back's at kansas city bbq company last friday after reading everyone's posts. good quality, and very filling, but i think i'm a sworn memphis fan (unless i've got my regions wrong and then i'll be embarrassed)--dry rub, vinegary-chile sauce for dipping. KC had dry rub, but tomato-sweet sauce for dipping. the rub tasted more like jerk, but still had good smoke. get the beans--they've got pulled pork in them.