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Apr 8, 2008 09:14 AM

Water Cooler / Dispenser? [Moved from Not About Food board]

Hi All. I am looking into buying a water cooler / water dispenser. The kind that you put a 5 gallon jug of water on top and hot/cold water is dispensed. I hear alot of stories about certain brands which impart a plastic / burnt taste in the water the first couple of days/weeks/months. Does any one have ay experience or recommendations? Thank you in advance.

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  1. I use an Igloo hot-cold dispenser with mini-fridge, (sorry, no model # handy). Had it for several years without fail, and no bad taste when new. I've read that Haier brand produced a burnt plastic flavor when new, but that's anecdotal. If you can look at any floor models, I would check out their heating assembly for cheaply made parts.

    1. If you're municipal water is decent (true many many places around the US), why not get a unit that you hook up to your cold water line, rather than pay for bottled water? Then you can do whatever level of filtering/treatment you want with that unit.

      We put in two PurLogix coolers in my office and haven't had any problems yet. We just did sediment and carbon filters (soft tap water here) to get rid of any big particles and to get out the chlorine. Other than occasional filter replacement, they're pretty much zero maintenance.

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        I would recommend an under-the-sink filter also. We installed an Aquasana filter (highest rated by CR at the time) a few years ago, & as you say, a couple of filter changes per year & that's it. Aquasana has a program that automatically sends you new filters every six months, which also serves to remind me to change them. We're much happier with it than the bottled water we had previously (& I don't have to lug those heavy bottles in from the front porch).

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          Thanks for all your input. I was actually thinking of using this in our home office which is no where near an actual water source/sink. That is why i need a free standing water cooler. I have had previous experience with water coolers where the water comes out tasting like plastic so I was just looking for recommendations for a cooler I can buy that doesnt have that off taste.

      2. I would recommend buying an " Oasis " Bottle Cooler.. We have been selling this brand for over 60+ years.. They have repair centers and repair parts available all over the USA..

        You can see various different models on our website