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Apr 8, 2008 08:55 AM

Las Vegas - best "authentic Buffalo" wings

Had a request from a friend to locate the best "Buffalo" wings in Vegas. I put buffalo in quotes, as he was dining with a guy who apparently lived in Buffalo for a while and bemoaned the lack of "true Buffalo-style wings" here in LV. I've had plenty of chicken wings in town, but to be honest, I really have no idea what constitutes an authentic buffalo wing apart from Frank's Red Hot sauce. Apparently according to this guy, the wings are bigger and the meat "tastes better".

So, any ideas for the best authentic Buffalo wings in town? TIA.

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  1. YEah wings here are a wierd thing --- I went to college in upstate NY and I havent found reeally any that match up. When people tell me they love Buffalo Wild wings I cringe. The one place that I have had some good hot wings are at Jackson's Bar and Grill at Flamingo and Jones. Good Blue Cheese too but you have to ask for it ( another pet peeve wing places that automatically serve ranch with wings--- come on that's a dead give away that they don't know what they are doing)

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      I have to agree with Justjenn about the wings at Jackson's...delicious. I order them well done and they're perfect. I've stopped at other places for "bar food" but am usually disappointed. OOh...the ranch is great too...tastes homemade. The wings at PT's are small & miserable and pale in comparison...I would expect more from the most successful bar group in town.

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        Thanks for the replies. And double thanks for not suggesting Hooters.