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Apr 8, 2008 08:48 AM

Persian Pizza? [moved from San Francisco Bay Area, board

This is a long shot but does anybody remember a Persian cafe on Noriega at 19th Ave that among other things served a Persian Pizza? The owner (who regretably died of a heart attack in his restaurant one night) claimed he created the recpe himself because he inherited a pizza oven when he took over the lease for his restaurant. I'm looking for the recipe, or as much of a description as anybody might recall, to re-create the pizza.

Some of the key ingredients as I remember were a crust made out of rice, a topping with pomegranate seeds, saffron, lamb, and maybe mint?

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  1. did you used to be on the boston board? when you do go to make this, do not put saffron on the top- it is horridly expensive and it will burn up w/o giving flavor. i suggest that you use it to flavor your rice liquid. you'd also want to sprinkle on your mint afetr it comes out of the oven and before serving. also, a tomato based sauce would be in keeping w/ persian foods.

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      Thanks for the tips. No, I contribute to the "South" board (live in Atlanta), but never posted to Boston.

    2. I don't have a recipe for you but think the idea he came up with is interesting. Since, as you prob already know, the most prized part of a lot of persian rice dishes is the layer of crust which forms on the bottom and then is put on the top I believe. There is a special name forthat crust layer. I can't remember what it is.

      Ingenious to make that kind of the base for a pizza with persian seasonings.

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        I believe it's called "tadik" though don't quote me on the spelling.

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          My Tess Mallos cookbook describes Steamed Crusty Rice as Chelou Ta Dig. The rice is mixed with egg or yogurt.

          Hmmm, this is sounding like a rice version of lahmajun.

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            Oh my gosh!! I am so trying this recipe this week or this weekend. The Tahdig is indeed the best part of any meal. My sister and I still fight over the tahdig at my mom's house.

        2. was it a dough based crust or rice based? Does sound super yum!

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            It was definitely a rice based crust. I think approach using Ta Dig is a good lead. Will experiment over the weekend and report back.