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Apr 8, 2008 08:42 AM

Great UWS Pizza for an office party?

My boss is buying the staff pizza and needs a place to order delivery.
We're on 77th st. and there are so many pizza places on every block. Which is actually good? I mean, I can send her to Ray's but I'd actually like something worthwhile.

Your suggestions are greatly apprechiated.

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  1. We really like La Traviata on west 68th Street, pizza is excellent!

    1. I'd go Dean's or PINCH - both a step above the pedestrian options

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      1. re: harrison

        so this may be 'pedestrian' for some, but when my roommates and i have parties (we live on the UWS), we always order pizza from caesar's palace. YUMMY.

        1. re: bosox

          I agree with the rec for Caesar's, just ask them to really cook it through, as sometimes the crust gets soft in delivery.
          I'd say Dean's for the grandma pie, but avoid PINCH, tasted like Elio's from the freezer the two times I tried the location on Columbus.
          Hot and Crusty used to be decent, but haven't tried them since they moved up two storefronts.

          1. re: UWSEater

            Wow - I only had PINCH at its old Park Ave. So. location and it was pretty good.

            Another option is Rigoletto

      2. caesars makes good pizza for the n'hood. you might want to consider patsys for a thin crust pizza.

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        1. re: mch

          patsy's is the best in the area, way better than dean's I think, but they don't deliver. new pizza town (bway at 78) is acceptable old-school NY pizza, a little heavy on the cheese. sal & carmine's up on bway & 102 is PERFECT old-school pizza, not sure how far away they'll deliver though.

          1. re: mcoleman

            i'm pretty sure sal and carmine's doesn't deliver. but if you're willing to pick it up, it's so worth it.

        2. Rigoletto is the best standard pie in the area. There are better thin crusts etc

          1. Pinch is great, the salads, the pizza, and the mac and cheese are all fantastic