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Apr 8, 2008 08:41 AM

Cafe 939

Has anyone else gone yet? I stopped by on Sat. and it's a nice space, that building is fairly impressive in general. I only got a piece of carrot cake and can't give a full report since neither my taste nor smell was working that day. I can say that it was a huge slice, seemed to be of the righit consistency with a cream cheese frosting, and it was only $1.99. There were no prices and I was thinking to myself that it better not be more than $4.99, so that was a very pleasant surprise. Things didn't look overly enticing in the case, but nice to have a sit down cafe that's not Starbucks in that area.

Also grabbed a butter/cinnamon pastry of some sort from Fornax in Roslindale in Sun. and could taste this a little more. Well done, $2.50,

And one surprising note, when the cheese guy at Haymarket didn't have St. Andre, I went to Roche Bros. where I'd seen it for $11.99 assuming that would certainly beat Whole Foods. Turned out it was $13.99 and I bought a small chunk. Had to go to WF for something else and wouldn't you know, it was $8.99 there! And their premade refrigerated soups were slightly less. I don't shop enough for that stuff to ever compare, but was super surprised to see WF with the lower prices.

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  1. I have been a bunch of times, as it is near my office. There are so few decent places to grab a take out sandwich in the Back Bay. I think it belongs "in the rotation" if you work in the neighborhood. I buy the grilled portabelo mushroom sandwich and it is pretty yummy. It has mushroom, melted cheese, spinach, and a nice sundried tomato pesto. I have also bought a turkey sandwich and it was not so good- very dry. The biggest problem is the service, which ranges from leisurely to painful. It looks like they have daily performances there in the afternoon and evenings, which might be fun to check out.