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Apr 8, 2008 08:34 AM


I'm going to James for the first time this weekend. Any thoughts??

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  1. There are quite a few threads on James already, do a search.

    My thought would be 'go somewhere else'.

    1. I agree. It looks pretty, but falls short of the mark.

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        Apparently Food and Wine Magazine begs to differ - James Burke is one of their 10 best new chef's this year.
        I enjoyed my one meal there but it was a special event so I can't comment on the overall menu.

      2. I have only eaten at James once and I had a great meal. Don't know what the current menu has (I don't think the website is up to date), but the rabbit agnolotti with concord grapes and the duck/orange/chocolate were fantastic. Desserts were also very good.
        People like to complain about small portions, but I don't know what restaurant they showed up to. I left totally (almost uncomfortably) stuffed after 3 courses.

        1. We were there quite a while ago. The portions were small, but everything was delicious and we loved it. I understand it has become more expensive since we were there.
          Enjoy it and report back!

          1. We went to James about a month ago or so. I agree it is very pretty inside, a lovely place to have dinner, but the food did not match up to the beautiful interior. Our appetizers were very good and I would recommend the sweetbreads and the sunchoke soup. We also split a middle course of pasta, which was okay, nothing special. Our entrees were not that great, lamb and pink snapper. There was very little with the lamb and the flavor was not very good. All of our portions were small and for the portion size overpriced. It was a very expensive meal with food that was just okay for the most part. I would be interested to hear what you think of your dinner this weekend.

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              Went to James for my birthday last month. Really disappointed. I tell everyone it is one of those places that serves you two pomegranate seeds on a plate for $25. Felt like I could have gotten a much better meal within a few blocks at one of the other neighborhood places. Seating very comfy.