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Apr 8, 2008 08:08 AM

Help me decide on a Chinese Restaurant

I haven't had a good Chinese dinner for a while and decided I would like to go out for my birthday for Chinese food. I'm not sure if I can get the 8-10 people together for a banquet meal but for sure 6 people. I don't want outrageous prices but I do want good food. I haven't been to these places but when I looked on this board these were some of the recommendations.

1. Ambassador
2. Grand Yatt Chinese
3. City Inn at Market Village

Any others? Or out of these 3 which would you choose? I've only been to Ambassador for DimSum with was very good. I did look up the menu at Lai Hol Teen and though I heard its very good, it's a bit pricey for what I'd like.. I'd like that combination of quality without paying through the nose. The restaurant has to be open on Monday as I want to go next Monday! And if they have any specialty dishes you like, please name them. I do like Cantonese cuisine in particular which is why I didn't name Asian Legend as I hear it's good but it's mostly Mandarin style. Thanks

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  1. For dinner, i would recommend Golden Court Abalone (in the same complex as Ambassador, I believe?) - it may be a bit more expensive than the ones on your list, but it's excellent and should have a selection of set meals.

    Also, if you're referring to Grand Yatt that was at Bayview and Blackmore/Springbrook, that doesn't exist any more - there was a suspicious fire some time last year.. it's been replaced by another Chinese restaurant now.

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      1. re: sugarcube

        NW corner of Hwy #7 and West Beaver Creek, Richmond Hill

        1. re: Charles Yu

          I thought so,.. I think i've been there for dinner but not dim sum. I must make sure I return then!
          Thanks for the info Charles.

    1. I think these are all decent restaurants. Perhaps you could suggest a price range as a lot of restaurants have dinner packages. It might be easier to give you suggestions, based on price and if there is one dish in particular that you want to try or "have to have"

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      1. re: sweetie

        hmm let's say less than $50 pp and if possible $40 pp. We don't drink so that's just for the food.
        These are the dishes I usually order when I'm at a restaurant: vegetable dish (what's in season), a noodle dish of some sort, taro basket dish if it's made there, seafood dish, eggplant for my hubby, fish or shrimp if it's fresh...hmm I haven't been out with a group so that's the selection with just us.

        1. re: Janine

          If you don't care much for ambiance (although it is your birthday meal), your list of dishes would do well at Maple Yip in Scarborough. I know the place isn't much to look at, but if you want really good Cantonese style dishes with dishes emanating heat of the wok and not much MSG, then this is the place. We were there just last week and my son and I were fighting over their taro basket with fresh shrimp and chicken. Many fresh veggies courses, sweet n sour choices, and plenty of fish dishes as well. Plus if you plan to spend $40-50 pp, you'll be guaranteed to be stuffed to the gills. Mind you, this is not fancy food, just really well cooked Cantonese fare.

          As for your short list, I'd definitely scratch off City Inn. While their dim sum is excellent, dinner leaves much to be desired. I went once and it was a complete disaster (and the restaurant was only 1/4 full)... never again.

          1. re: Royaljelly

            We too very much enjoy Maple Yip.
            It is not fancy,nor a place to linger, but good solid Cantonese fare.
            Be sure to ask for the specials of the day.
            They don't have large lobster or crab, etc.
            For your budget if you want grand seafood I recommend Elegantview on Vic. Park

            1. re: erly

              I did a search on Maple Yip and read it had good peking duck. Did you have it there? I haven't had that in a while either.

              1. re: Janine

                sorry, no.
                Not a big Peking Duck fan.
                You might need to order it in advance.
                The great thing about this little gem is the seasoning.
                Nothing goopy or too dry.
                The seasoning is subtle,but the first thing I noticed on our initial visit..

                1. re: erly

                  Yes! Maple Yip's Peking duck needs to be order in advance.
                  Also, FYI, I tried a fairly new restaurant next to Regal16 on 16th and Spadina in Richmond Hill. Their 'Peking duck special' two ways is always available and costs only $17!! Definitely the BEST DUCK DEAL in town. Taste pretty good too, especially the lettuce wrap second course!! Skin is very crisp. Their other dishes were also nicely prepared and portion sizes were HUGE!!

                  1. re: Charles Yu

                    So which restaurant was that? Please provide details!

                    1. re: jennjen18

                      The restaurant is 'Yuet Hong B.B.Q Seafood Restaurant'. Its next to the Chinese super market inside the plaza at the corner of Spadina/16th Ave., Richmond Hill.

                      1. re: Charles Yu

                        I will have to go there next time. I had to change the date to tonight and went to Maple Yip and yes ordered the duck in advance. Had the 2 peking ducks, 2 vancouver crab in ginger green onion, oysters in black bean sauce, taro nest with seafood, snow pea shoots in garlic sauce, sweet & sour pork, crispy chicken, the freshest steamed fish I've EVER had in a Chinese restaurant and seafood chow mein. Very good meal. I didn't try the s&s pork but was told it was more batter and the chow mein was good but not crispy enough for me. The rest was very good. There were 9 adults, 3 kids and the bill was $264 plus tip. So that was just perfect in price range and quality was good. But I am curious to try this Yuet Hong next though I don't know when I can get a big group together like that again. Thanks for all the tips chowhounds.

      2. I suggest the one on East Beaver Creek, west side inside a industrial plaza, dim sum is above average and dinner dishes are so innovative, this is my flavorite resturant recently in RH (hwy7) area. Don't worried about the price. (just bring your VISA)

        Remember to book a table for dinner. Enjoy!

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        1. re: pokerdan

          You mean 粵式生香 La Chine or Dragon Boat ?

            1. re: skylineR33

              I have been Dragon Boat last weekend and their dim sum is ok but the service is suprising good. Haven't try dinner yet.

              1. re: pokerdan

                I have mixed experience with La Chine 粵式生香. I had their expensive dinner set a few times (~ $500 for 10) and the food is pretty nice. I guess it is kind of innovative too in a way... not sure if it is good in some cases. The dishes have strong favour (ie. some are too salty).
                But one time I tried their less expensive dinner set (~ $300 something), the food is really bad, the sea cucumber is like hard jello with no taste.

                Dragon Boat's dinner is ok, good cantonese food, and now they have some new dinner set for 4 which looks pretty impressive !

                It happens I had some pics for La Chine :

                - Shark fin soup (quite a lots of shark fin in the bowl, not premium size shark fin though. Strong chicken and pork soup base, very tasty).
                - Big Shrimp E-fu noodle
                - Salmon
                - Stir-fly instant noodle

                1. re: skylineR33

                  How was the salmon done, skyline? It looks tough there! Doesnt look too appetizing, actually ... !

                  1. re: jennjen18

                    The salmon is average, some people in our table think it is actually good, it is not as tough as it looks, haha. It is quite innovative from the name, "Olive oil poached salmon, yuzu soy sauce".

                    I am sorry the quality of my cellphone cam is not really good in dim light.

                    1. re: jennjen18

                      La Chine is not worth the money, IMO. If price is no object, then the food is okay - but when looking at value, there are other places that are a lot better. The time I went, I spent $80 for two, left very full, but also found the food to be unevenly salted/flavoured (ie some items were too heavily salted, while others seem to have been missed altogether with respect to seasoning).
                      Tofu Milk:
                      Shark's fin soup:
                      Foie Gras:
                      Amuse Bouche:

                    2. re: skylineR33

                      The instant noodle dish is not from the $500 set I hope! and not two noodle dishes in the same set!

              2. We have had many excellent banquets at Ambassador. Also, just down the street is another fine spot called O-Mei. Doubt you would go wrong at either place.

                1. I don't know about their dinner, but the dim sum at City Inn was terrible. The shiu mai in particular was overly large, and very fatty. Make of that what you will.

                  I've had fairly solid banquets at Ambassador. Golden Court, in the same mall, is another favourite, mostly because of their very distinctive soup stock.

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                  1. re: ascendance

                    personally i think ambassador is only really good for their peking duck and their dim sum.The rest of the food their is only mediocre.