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Apr 8, 2008 07:59 AM

Shea and Chow this Saturday

I'm going to Shea Stadium this Saturday and plan to go somewhere in either Jackson Heights of Flushing after (and possibly before) the game. Part of the plan is to park in either nighborhood and take 7 train to game. What's the parking situation around the train stations in either neighborhood on a saturday afternoon? Any new discoveries in either neighborhood worth checking out? My plan as of now, is Taqueria Coatzingo for breakfast before the game, a Leo's turkey hero for the game, and back to Jackson Heights/Woodside for Rincon Criollo or Srip for early dinner.

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  1. I've never had a problem finding a spot on Roosevelt or nearby, sometimes close enough to walk to Shea. You'd be amazed how many fans coming to Shea or US Open tennis are terrified of J.H. Last time I think I ate at La Cabana Argentina that was dark and cool after a hot afternoon.

    1. Parking is easy. Most fans are scared to park outside of the lot which is retarded of them, but it's true. Good food plans, but don't neglect the street carts! They're a thing of beauty!

      1. For breakfast at T.C. I suggest the "chilaquiles" a huge plate with a mountain of tortilla that has been soaked and covered in red sauce, guacamole, a suunnyside egg on top and add the meat from the "shwarma style" spit by the front window. It comes with rice and beans as well. The only problem is that I don't know how you will be able to eat again that day. Another hound spoke glowingly of another breakfast item at T.C.,the scrambled eggs and chorizo, see the attached link. Let's Go Mets!

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          That's good to know about parking--I always park on 108/111 street and walk ten minutes to the stadium. Regarding chow, not sure if I want to hit Cuban and Mexican on same day. It's great to have something to look forward to after the game, so if/when the Mets disappoint, I still have something to look forward to...

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            as i posted on another thread, the eggs and chorizo at TC is really nice, the guacamole is really tasty mixed in. the chorizo/egg percentage is 50/50 lol

            below is a pic from last week :)

        2. For future reference, my favorite bring to the game snack is empanadas from empanadas del parque on 108th St. The last two times I went to the game, the last game of last season and the first game of this season, I went to La Flor afterward. The food was good and they had the same entertainer, singing songs from the 60s, which cheered my heavy heart :-). I believe the parking that people are talking about is between 108 and 114th st. Even with the walk, it is probably quicker than trying to get out of the lots.

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            I'm all talk--I went to Leo's before the game around 12, parked easily and avoided traffic by coming early, wolfed down a momma's special in the backyard of the bakery, hopped on 7 train two stops, munched on sunflower seeds and other assorted goodies purchased from Carmel throughout the game, walked back after game. After game was way too full for a full meal, but I found room for blueberry ices from the King.
            A good day, with the exception of the result of the game...