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Apr 8, 2008 07:55 AM


This is the first time im doing one of these message boards, but I am in desperate need for advice!
My daughter is turning two next month and she is absolutely in love with Nemo, does anybody know where they make character cakes both adorable and delicious?

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  1. What neighborhoods are convenient to you? Without knowing chow-worthy suggestion is to order a cake at Bonnelle Bakery in Forest Hills - I know they do custom cakes so tell them what you are looking for and they can let you know if it's doable or not. Not sure on the pricing - but they are a quality bakery and worth it.

    My much less chow-worthy suggestion is BJ's. Not kidding. They do cakes with all kinds of themes. If they don't have it as part of their options, they will take a picture you have and put it on the cake. The cake itself is okay, basically the same quality you'd get with something out of a box but they do a nice job with the designs which in my experience has been the bigger deal for young kids and their bday party cakes.

    1. I agree with pellegrino31 as to Bonelle, but if going the discount route would choose Costco over BJ's. They do character cakes and they might do the photo thing also. Their cakes are pretty good, in the non-chow scheme of things. A few years ago, I got my nephew a car-shaped cake from BJ's and didn't like the flavor of the cake, though it looked fabulous. Also, if you are not far from Stew Leonard's in Yonkers, they do photo cakes also (and I think some character cakes) and you can send the photo by e-mail and don't have to drive there to order, but it is a fun place to shop, so it might be worth it to go there!

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        Thanks ShaynaMadel - I didn't even think about Costco since I only have a BJ's membership! Yeah the BJ's cake taste-wise isn't so great but they look good.

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          Costco baked goods as a whole are actually decent, especially for commercial stuff. Definitely better than stuff from most supermarkets, in any event. (No, I don't buy the supermarket stuff, but I have had the opportunity of eating it at other people's homes...) The half-sheet cakes run under $20, which, for kids who won't eat 1/2 of what they are served, may make sense, though I thoroughly understand the idea of a really pretty. If you ever do get to try Costco, go to Westbury--a bit nicer than the one in LIC.


        they deliver, and there's a Nemo cake pictured towards the bottom.

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          Have you ever tasted anything from this place? My nephew, who will be 5 in July, is a Spiderman fanatic and that one looks adorable...