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Apr 8, 2008 07:41 AM

Pike's Place at Starbucks - anyone tried?

A co-worked just brought me a Clover brewed cup of Starbucks' new "not burnt" Pike's Place Blend. I've generally stayed far away from Starbucks - I hadn't had Starbucks' coffee for years, but have tried their Clover coffee three times lately. The Pike's Place is not the best of the Clover brews I've had, but it's not bad, and I'm finding it a little reminiscent of Peet's coffee. Anyone else tried it yet?

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  1. I just bagged a free coupon from USA Today, will try it this afternoon and get back.

    1. I tried it this afternoon on Newbury Street. They don't have a Clover Machine so I had it right from the brew pot. It actually reminded me of the old Coffee Connection Coffee. I'm pleased and will try it again.

      I also liked the Clover pressed coffee that I tried at Charles Street a few weeks ago. I choose the Kona for my beans in that one.

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        I gave it a try here in Oakland, not on a Clover, and wasn't too impressed. It was slightly better than the normal offerings and gives me just a slight ray of hope next time I'm in an airport that I might not completely suffer, but while more lightly roasted, it still seemed mostly burnt to me. I really still need to give it another chance, but of course, I'm not really going to convert. There are just too many other GOOD coffee options in most major Metropolitan areas.

      2. I tried it today, it was brewed in their normal way, I drink it black so I really got the flavor, very smooth and medium bodied. I liked it. I hope they get the Clover Machine soon.

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          Blech. Tried it today at the location near the Symphony (Boston), and gah. Not good. Classic char-bucks flavor -- slightly burnt. I take mine black, so when it's burnt, it really stands out. I'll stick with my americano, which is really the only thing I can order there that I like.

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            I got just the opposite taste, it didn't have the charbucks slightly burnt taste, actually, I thought is was a bit mild for starbucks and it was very smooth. I think the difference will be the clover machine. You can try it every Weds. for free through the end of May, will give me plenty of time to taste it and give feed back.

        2. I had it this morning - I liked it. Plus, I like the old brown logo design on the cups (Kansas CIty Starbucks)

          1. I happened to be in Seattle for a conference, though the timing wasn't right for me to get it for free. I had it once on the first day, once on the second. I didn't like it. Perhaps it sat too long on the burner - on the first day I got the last cup before they brewed another batch.

            I have no problems with their normal roast, and found this (even on the second try) to be a bit bitter and thin. Neither cup was done in a Clover, just the normal drip. I had other coffees that I liked much better while in Seattle (caffe vita, for example - )