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Apr 8, 2008 07:39 AM

A Taste For Life charity event supporting Fife House Wed, April 16

A good cause and a good reason to finally get around to trying Blowfish. Are any other Hounds attending or have any advice from past years? Personally, I hope more restos get involved. Here's this year's list:

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  1. Not only attending the event, but am a volunteer host at a restaurant! There are some terrific places and all for a good cause. We are trying out Boho on Roncesvalles and looking forward to it!

    1. Yeah...
      The Queen Mother absolutely refuses to take reservations - so anyone going there should be prepared. Mtzi's Sister didn't seem to have a volunteer on site the year we went there, all the places around Church & Wellesley get insanely packed.

      The number of participating restaurants is limited to the number of volunteers available, so if you want to see more places on the list for next year, contact Fife house and sign up as a volunteer.

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        That's a great idea Sheryl. This year hubby & I already have plans to dine at one of the participating restos. Next year, though, I will definitely do more than put my money where my mouth is. Thanks!