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Apr 8, 2008 07:15 AM

small Creuset (or other brand) round oven?

Most of the time, I cook for the two of us & would love a small round oven...about 1 quart...I've found that rice for 2 comes out much better in a smaller pan. The smallest LC I've been able to find is 2 quarts. Anyone know if LC (or anyone other maker) has a 1 quart size?

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  1. Staub makes a 3/4 qt and 1.5 qt french oven.

    1. I have a 1.5 qt LC that I adore. Perfect size. That's the one I use for rice - 2 c water/1 c rice comes out perfectly every time.
      I've had it for a very long time so I have no idea if it's still available or not.

      1. Le Creuset makes a 1.25 qt. saucepan that would be perfect for you. The Staub small round oven is actually 1.75 qts.

        You can find them on sale for $69.99, or for less on Ebay in a ton of colors.

        1. Try Lodge. They are as good or better than LC, and much cheaper. They have them all, including porcelain lined on Amazon.