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Apr 8, 2008 06:46 AM

Salt Lake City

I am going to SLC this coming weekend, and i am vegetarian, hubby not.
Where would you guys recommend eating? or should we just cook our own food in our hotel?
we also dont want to spend oodles of cash on meals, so inexpensive is good too.
thank you

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  1. Where in town are you, do you have a car to get places? What about types of cuisine?


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    1. re: gringo_stu

      We have a great vegetarian restaurant that satisfies even meat eaters. I've been a couple times, never disappointed. Was there not too long ago with the whole family. The main meat eater in the family surprised us all by saying he'd return in a heartbeat, he was so happy with his veggie meal. It's Sages Cafe. Here's the link:

      Many other great places that have vegetarian choices along with the rest that they offer. As gringo stu asked, give us more info, we can suggest more.

      1. re: blueheron

        I'd also suggest Long Life Vegi House as a completely vegetarian option. Speaking as a meat eater myself, I am always happy to eat there (my wife is a lapsed vegi).

        Its super cheap as well.


    2. If cheese is in the diet then a margarita pizza from Settabellas(spelling?) would be my choice.

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