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Apr 8, 2008 06:09 AM

Is there a restaurant like Alinea or Moto in NYC?


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  1. wd-50 specializes in that type of molecular gastronomy.

    1. WD-50 is good, really good. It is not Alinea. Not even close.

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      1. re: jasmurph

        WD-50 is the closest you'll get in NY, but I agree-Dufresne does the odd combinations and some creative stuff but it's not the wild flights of fancy of the Chicago chefs...
        Well worth a trip, but don't expect it to be too crazy.
        I still think about the Mozzarella puff filled with tomato air I had when Atchez was at Trio...not to mention the frogs legs and morels served with pine branches soaked in boiling water (for the fragrance.)

        1. re: jasmurph

          WD-50 blows Moto out of the water. Not even close. I agree that Alinea is better, but WD-50 is still worth eating at.

          1. re: brooklyndude

            I wouldn't argue your point about the quality of the food, but Moto is a bit more...something. As an example:

            1. re: David W

              A bit more amateur? A whole lot more gimmicky? WD-50, while without the gimmicky presentation, serves much more intellectual cuisine.

        2. alinea is without par. wd-50 has become very disappointing - have been there a few times and it seems to be getting very tired. moto is just a joke as far as i'm concerned. to even speak of alinea and moto in the same sentence is a travesty.

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          1. i forgot to note that i've found some of daniel humm's cooking at eleven madison to be on a similar plane to some of what they do at alinea - in spirit at least although eleven madison is much more mainstream but the chef does occasionally go wild and conjure up some experimental masterpiece that always makes me think of alinea. but do not go there thinking you will get the alinea experience - that is not to be found in nyc according to my culinary searches.

            1. While not exactly "experimental" like Alinea or even WD-50, Momofuku Ko seems to definitely tries to push boundaries (frozed shaved fois gras w lychee brittle, oysters w/ kimchee broth etc).

              And the bonus would be that if you were visiting from Chicago, you couldn't pull off a better coup these days than scoring a resy for this place.