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Apr 8, 2008 03:37 AM

Powdered cheese for popcorn

In addition to their parmesan cheese in the green can, Kraft used to sell powdered cheddar, in an orange can, I think. The green can stuff is pretty vile, but the cheddar wasn't bad on popcorn. I assume it was approximately the same stuff that Kraft includes in its mac and cheese package, maybe not quite so finely powdered.

But they stopped selling it more than 10 years ago. Where locally (NoVa or DC) can I find a substitute? Anyone know of a baking supply shop that might have it? I've found it online, but either the shipping charges were unrealistically high, or the smallest size (intended for commercial bakers, I suppose) was too big for my personal use.

My son has suggested buying mac and cheese and using the pasta part in a different dish. I may resort to that, but doesn't someone in town sell it in small quantities? Maybe one of the ethnic groceries? Some place in that big market that has Litteri's in it?

Oh, and why does Morton no longer make that really finely ground popcorn salt anymore? Not butter-flavored salt, merely salt, but very fine.


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  1. I can occationally find salt and sprinkles at Safeway & Giant. I have seen various flavors of sprinkles at World Market in their food section. Also if you are near and independent market, they will order things for you w/o much mark up.

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      Penzeys Spices in Rockville and Falls Church has a great cheese powder for popcorn that we get but it's Romano-based rather than cheddar. They might have others, though. They also have various grinds and flavors of salt. Worth the trip if you've never been - lots of neat stuff.

    2. You can also order it online. I received the following link from the General Topics board. I bought some and I love it - perfect for popcorn!

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        I hadn't seen that one before. Thanks. Do you recall how much they charge for shipping? (Typical web shopping site: you can't find out the shipping charges until you've set up a password, etc.)

        (I do know about Penzey's. I might go with that, treetop tom, but I've got my heart set on cheddar.)

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          No problem! It's great stuff, IMO. Let's see...looking at my bill, I bought 4 bottles and shipping was $8.40 for a total of $28.20. It took me a couple of months to go through one bottle (and I eat it pretty much every day), so the cost really isn't too bad.

      2. You can just put regular salt in your food processor, (providing you have one) and make your own popcorn salt. I think this is what Alton Brown does.

        Now, if I could just figure out how to make the salt stick to air popped corn. I have had some success with using my Misto, and filling it with salt water.

        1. Another, less conventional, optionmight be nutritional yeast flakes. They're surprisingly similar to cheddar in flavor and stick beautifully to popcorn. I adore cheddar and was a quick convert. Sadly, I've not had luck finding a local supplier.

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          1. re: Hungry Man

            you're having trouble finding nutritional yeast? really? check your local WFM - they carry my favorite brand - KAL. it comes in large cans, you can find it with the supplements [in the "whole body" department].

            1. re: goodhealthgourmet

              Excellent - thank you, goodhealthgourmet. As someone who strongly dislikes her local WF, I try and not go past the produce section of the store, but now I have a reason to look.

          2. I remember buying powdered cheese for popcorn at Shoppers Food Warehouse a few years back when I was popcorn addicted. It was finely powdered and not made by Kraft, and came in a bottle the size of something you would find in the spice section. (Don't remember exactly what section of the store.)