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Which brand of spices do you use?

I buy all my spices from Spice House online. I find the quality and the price much better than the grocery stores and much fresher too.

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  1. Common stuff is supermarket own label. Asian spices usually bought from small local asian grocers - label is usually either Natco or East End. Chinese, etc, spices bought from Chinatown - labels vary. Anything else is bought online from Seasoned Pioneers

    1. I predominately buy from Penzeys, but I occasionally buy whole spices from local ethnic markets and the occasional jar of Spice Islands.

      1. www.frontiercoop.com/
        We buy them from the bulk department at a local Co-op. Good quality and reasonable price.

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          Thanks lgss for the link! I've been buying Frontier at my co-op for years, but never thought about looking up some company info. Very impressive cred, IMO.

          And, yes - high quality and good prices. Always my first source for spices.


        2. Been ordering from Penzey's for a few years, and now they have a store just a few miles from my home.

              1. I've been purchasing all of my spices on line from World Spice for a few years now. Always top-notch quality, super fresh, reasonable shipping, and outstanding customer service. They don't grind your spices until the order is filled, so everything is very fresh. Or, you can order them whole if you prefer and grind them yourself. www.worldspice.com.

                1. Believe it or not, but I buy all my spices from my florist. They sell a brand called country blend. it is great . I just got down my herbs De Province and it was 3.50 for 1.5 oz. and then I put them all in my Dean & Deluca canisters so people think I spend big bucks on them.

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                    I spent 2.89 for an oz of herbs De Province and I reuse the jars from my 1st time order and just refill. I never realized how badly store bought spices compare to spices ground right before they ship. I needed cloves for my Easter ham and stopped at the grocery store to buy a small container and they wanted 8 dollars. I ordered 2 oz which was twice the size of the store bottle and paid 3.99.

                  2. I've been ordering Penzey's products for over ten years. Their Baking Spice is my "secret ingredient"!

                      1. Frontier when I can (especially when I am in one of my local grocery stores that sells the spices in bulk). Morton & Bassett - http://www.worldpantry.com/morton/hom... - if I don't have Frontier available. I think M&B might still be "local" for me, their label says they are based out of San Francisco, and I appreciate that their product is "non-irradiated". Some spices I buy at my local asian markets, or hispanic markets (usually chilies and such). I've been meaning to try The Spice House, as well as Whole Spice - http://www.wholespice.com/ - as they are a local company (same county), and I'm trying to stay more local these days with regards to my food related purchases. If I'm totally out of something, in the middle of baking/cooking, and feeling pinched for cash, I'll get Spice Islands. (the closest store to my house, Safeway, carries Spice Islands and Morton & Bassett...Spice Islands being much cheaper)

                        1. We like the metal containers of Sabbathday Lake Shakers herbs--you can get them by writing the United Society of Shakers, 707 Shaker Rd, New Gloucester ME 04260.