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Apr 8, 2008 02:22 AM

Which brand of spices do you use?

I buy all my spices from Spice House online. I find the quality and the price much better than the grocery stores and much fresher too.

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  1. Common stuff is supermarket own label. Asian spices usually bought from small local asian grocers - label is usually either Natco or East End. Chinese, etc, spices bought from Chinatown - labels vary. Anything else is bought online from Seasoned Pioneers

    1. I predominately buy from Penzeys, but I occasionally buy whole spices from local ethnic markets and the occasional jar of Spice Islands.

        We buy them from the bulk department at a local Co-op. Good quality and reasonable price.

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          Thanks lgss for the link! I've been buying Frontier at my co-op for years, but never thought about looking up some company info. Very impressive cred, IMO.

          And, yes - high quality and good prices. Always my first source for spices.


        2. Been ordering from Penzey's for a few years, and now they have a store just a few miles from my home.