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Apr 7, 2008 10:36 PM


Thinking about going to MOMOFUKU KO and wondering how much it will run per head?

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  1. its an $85 per person menu

      1. i have been gone for a the original is gone now?
        where can i just get an order of those tasty pork belly dumplings without having to do the tasting menu?

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          Momofuku Noodle Bar is still open, as is Momofuku Ssam Bar. Are you talking about the pork buns? If so, they're on the menu at both restaurants.

        2. Good luck to you getting a rez. I just finished reading Bruni's recent blog entry about the impossibility and improbability of this feat. Do report back if you make it there before 2010.

          1. The set tasting menu is $85 per person. The tasting menu is ten courses or so. Each person receives a similar tasting menu, more or less, although they may switch a course or two up so that you and your companion receive different dishes for some courses.

            If you wish to add the wine pairing, it will be $50 additional, per person (Ruth Riechl is a little off in her math here). It would be $270 for two people with the wine pairing, before tax and tip. You can choose not to do the wine pairing, and order beer, wine, sake, etc. or just water.

            Momofuku Ko is located in the old Momofuku Noodle Bar space, 163 First Ave. Momofuku Noodle Bar is now located 3 storefronts down the block, 171 First Ave.