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Apr 7, 2008 09:53 PM

Birthday Dinner in DC

Ok guys, I have two challenges...
I have a birthday coming up, and I was looking for,
A. a place for me and my friends to go that's kinda funky or plain yummy. But I want it to be classier than say....five guys :)
B. a nicer joint to go with with the boyfriend.

I have ideas but the problem is that we're working with a college budget, more so for the second, since I think me and my friends will pay our own way. Anywhere accessible by metro is cool, and I'm a total foodie, so any cuisine will do. Any suggestions?

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  1. What exactly is your budget for each meal? A price range per person would be very helpful.

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    1. re: Elyssa

      I suppose, for the one with my friends, people will feel comfortable spending maybe, $40 each (it really depends, we went to Zengo and racked up a heafty bill, but we paid for our own damages :)

      The boyfriend scenario is a bit more "college budget", I think he wants to spend $50? but that would just be for two entrees. Does that help?

      1. re: bella00

        For your friends I would recommend Hook, Oya (you can all do the $30 special), Jaleo, Brasserie Beck (although you should know that for parties of 8 or more they have a pre-fix/special menu which probably goes over $40. Kind of annoying.) or Cafe Atlantico.

        With your boyfriend (and I'm still unsure if this is $50/pp or total so I'm giving you a range) I suggest Bistro D'Oc, Creme, Zola, Proof, Sonoma, or Al Crostini (just stay away from the specials which are usually double the normal prices).

    2. A place I think is good for the college budget, everyone pays separately is Vapiano, on 18th and M NW, near Dupont. You walk in, get a credit-type card, and go to different counters to order. While it is a bit cafeteria style, its great for groups because everyone has their own card so no need to split checks. Plus, since there isn't table service, people can come at different times without having to wait for everyone else. My friends and I have done that before and its perfect. It's Italian food, nothing fancy, think pasta, pizza, apps, but its simple and fresh.

      1. Eleventh St. Lounge in Clarendon, I think they have good happy hour specials too, but I don't think their regular prices are that bad. It is funky and good.
        What about Matchbox for pizza and burgers?
        Lebanese Taverna? I could afford that in college, although you could save that for B. Some of them are really pretty like the one in Pentagon City.
        Regent Thai in the Dupont/Adams Morgan Area could be good for A or B.
        Monmarte might fit the bill.

        For the special ocassion if you chose carefully you might be able to the cafe of Palena.