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Apr 7, 2008 09:21 PM

Clover coffee brewers (SEA)

Does anyone know which two or three Starbucks stores in Seattle have a Clover coffee brewer? Do any other Seattle coffee shops have them? The only info I could find on them were for independent coffee shops in Portland. (Plese don't reply if you are going to bash Starbucks. I'm not a loyal customer, but am not looking to start a negative thread about the company, either.)

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  1. This article shows a picture of a Clover at "the Queen Anne neighborhood Starbucks". They also mention that Zoka is continuing to use Clovers.

    1. Trabant, in the U District. I'm not sure if their Pioneer Square location has one.

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      1. re: terrier

        the pioneer square trabant hs the clover

      2. we were walking around "downtown" magnolia the other day, and saw an indie coffee shop that had it - there was a big "Clover" here sign in front.

        I think Stumptown's also have them (Capitol Hill, among others), but am not positive.

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        1. re: broksonic

          Stumptown has been quite vocal that they will not use Clover anymore because they don't want to have Starbucks as a supplier. They might not have gotten rid of their Clovers yet, but they probably will soon.

          1. re: Nettie

            I didn't see a clover in Stumptown this weekend. Heck, for that matter, I don't remember seeing one in there before this weekend either.

            The new coffee shop in Ballard, down the street from Java Bean... Aster, I think? They have a Clover too, or did when they opened.

            And Trabant isn't getting rid of their Clover, at least acc'd to the barista in the U-dist...

        2. Cafe Vita on Capitol Hill had a Clover last time I was there - about a month ago.

          1. Sbux was also testing them at their 6th & Union store downtown...assuming it's still there.