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Apr 7, 2008 08:15 PM

Augusta Georgia

I will be visiting Augusta for this years Masters and want to try some great restaurants ( not fancy but just good southern hospitality style food

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  1. Hot Foods by Calvin- on the upper end of Broad St (near the Augusta National, toward downtown). It's the hardcore real deal.

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        Hot Foods by Calvin is no longer in existence. It was shut down about one year ago, when Calvin got into some legal troubles. The place for great, great southern food now is "The Chef's House" on Walton Way. It is between 15th street and 'the Hill" neighborhood. It is in a pink house in between a paint store and a gas station. Unbelievable fried chicken, greens, and other southern good things. Very warming and welcoming.

        Augusta Chow

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          closed down last year so Google says