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Apr 7, 2008 07:44 PM

Elegant Breakfast Meeting Locale w/ Scrumptious Fare


I’m looking for an elegant restaurant to hold breakfast meetings with clients and referral partners near the Empire State Building (max. 3 mile radius). Most important of all is that I treat my guests to great tasting food (Fantastic omelets a definite +). What would you recommend?

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  1. I absoluately LOVE breakfast at Jean George -- it's actually in Nougatine, but still -- it's so lovely, with a view of Central Park. Great breads, pastries and the most perfect omelets.

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    1. re: Vshu

      Elegant and good food would probably have to be Norma's.

      1. re: h0wie201

        Wouldn't do business meetings at Norma's - wrong vibe and huge portions. Won't work across a wide preference list of business associates. If you want to make friends with restaurant management as a regular customer, then I definitely second Jean Georges.

        1. re: Jane A.

          I'll second the ixnay on Norma's and third the recommendation of Jean Georges. Perhaps the best breakfast I've had in NYC.

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            Would you do Norma's for just a regular vacation breakfast? We're staying at the Parker, so we were going to eat there at least once.

            1. re: KateMW

              Yes, go to Norma's. It's crowded and a bit touristy, and the waits can be LOOOOONG (although they do accept reservations through, but the food is decadently, over-the-top delicious. The chocolate decadence french toast is like 3 ginormous brownies stacked on top of each other and drowned in chocolate sauce. Amazing. The Waa-za is great, Brioche with Foie Gras is great - it's just a really fun place. GOOOOO!

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                People have wildly different reactions to Norma's, but I agree that it's certainly worth checking out for yourself. Be sure to make reservations.

        2. I can think of two places that will work for you:

          London Bar at London Hotel serves prix-fix breakfast as well as buffet breakfast. No need to say, the place is elegant and service is flawless

          Insieme at The Michelangelo Hotel also serves a la carte breakfast during weekdays. Modern decor and a lot of omelette options for you and your guests!

          1. Triomphe in The Iroquois Hotel. Deluxe menu options, and high end decor.

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              Thank you all for your fine suggestions! They are truly appreciated!