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Apr 7, 2008 06:30 PM

Ideas for Balsamic Vinegar for Ice Cream Needed

I've eaten balsamic with fruit for dessert but never tried it with ice cream. A good friend has abandoned hot fudge and caramel and now is a devotee of B.V. with vanilla ice cream.

Any recommendations for what kind to buy?

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  1. Are you asking about what brands of BV? If so the whole foods 365 brand is incredibly good and an absolute bargain under $10. They have an organic and a standard. I actually prefer the commercial product over the organic.

    1. I'd recommend getting one with a bit of age on it - if you'll be using it on its own as "sauce" you want it to have some nuance, and that comes with age. Of course, your wallet will be your guide in certain respects, since you're looking for something to drizzle on ice cream and not sip as a digestif, but starting at a shop with a well-edited inventory should help.

      1. Most straight non-Tradizionale balsamics will be too acidic to eat with fruit or desserts, but if you want to simulate that flavor, you can reduce a regular balsamic over low heat and add a pinch of sugar.

        1. man - if you can find a real, 15yr or older BV from Modena it is killer on vanilla ice cream.

          A good Italian specialty shop may be able to help you.

          Expect to pay around $50+ for the real deal.

          Buon appitito!

          1. I actually recently read a recipe for a balsamic cream to be served with vanilla ice cream or fruit (or both). The nice thing about this, is you don't have to break the bank since you'll be heating it and mixing it with sugar and creme fraiche. Apparently it gets the consistency of a chocolate or caramel sauce. Sounds yummy