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Apr 7, 2008 06:17 PM

Samgyeopsal (aka Korean bacon)

I've tried and tried to find Samgyeopsal or korean bacon as its called, and can not find anyone who sells it.

I'm looking online at different retailers, but no one seems to carry it, I'm wondering if anyone knows a place that ships it (or places in NYC that sell it).

I really want to get my hands on this stuff, but, dang I am having no luck, anyone out there with any ideas or know any places????

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  1. It's just sliced pork belly (about .25" thick), so try looking for that. It's not cured or smoked or anything.

    1. get pork belly and slice it yourself..thats what my mother does and we both agree that it is far superior to already sliced samgyeopsal. You will find it in pretty much any asian grocery store. However I never see pork belly in any mainstream grocery stores....wonder why?

      If you like your meat extra fatty you can go for "ogyeopsal" O=5 and basically there are 5 layers of fat as opposed to "sam" where there are 3

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        Don't forget chun gyup sal (thousand layer pork belly).

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          never heard of it super hard to find?

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          does she put the meat in the freezer first, to make it easier to slice? i'm trying to source my meat away from korean markets, where i don't know where the animals came from. but the pre-sliced meats are so convenient.

        3. Go to the Heritage Foods USA Website and get some Heritage Pork, Pork Belly. I have a large slab. That is the best source

          1. Have you tried Han Ah Reum on W 32nd St? They have beautiful and sometimes more obscure cuts of meat in the back. I don't know about samgyeopsal, in particular, but it might be worth your while to call or stop by.

            Han Ah Reum
            25 W 32nd St, New York, NY 10001

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              I don't shop there often enough to know if it's a "regular" item, but I've seen it there more than once.

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                its always here, or at any H-Mart in the tri-state area