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Apr 7, 2008 05:43 PM

Dubliner cheese uses?

Dubliner is one of my favorite cheeses, but through a series of misunderstandings when various friends have gone to Costco, I now have about 3 giant blocks of it--multiple pounds. We usually just eat it with a cheese plate or make grilled cheese sandwiches. Any ideas for good uses? We're not big on traditional casseroles with campbell's soup, etc. as ingredients--other than cheese, we eat very little food we don't make from scratch. But Dubliner has such a unique nutty flavor, I'm hoping for some killer recipes that specifically call for it. Thanks!

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  1. Make a gratin of potatoes. Slice and boil them first, layer them in a casserole dish and pour a mixture of a couple of eggs and shredded Dubliner and a little nutmeg, grate some more over the top and brown it in the oven. It's pretty good.

    1. Too much Dubliner cheese? Wow - sounds like fun. I would start with a nice tart apple and some Dubliner Cheese.
      Get the best sourdough you can find and make some dubliner cheese toasts..extra cheese - less bread - open faced...
      Eggs with shaved dubliner cheese under the broiler would be tasty....
      Use it top any gratin - ina gartner's zucchini gratin is a favorite that would be great with dubliner cheese on top....

      1. Blocks of unopened hard cheese will keep longer than you think in the cold part of your fridge.

        Dubliner has a flavor reminescent of a combo of swiss/cheddar/parmesan. I'd try it in recipes where those cheeses would be good. It would be nice as a topping for burgers, for instance. I think a gratin would be good, too. Or, with all that cheese, you might want to experiment with a cheese soup. Here's one for cheddar-beer soup -- just substitute the dubliner:

        1. they do taste great in grilled cheese sandwiches dont they? I love to make them with rye bread, kosher dill pickles, and dijon mustard. Sounds awfully weird, but my god does it taste fantastic. Its also good on top of a patty melty with rye bread...yum yum.

          how about in good ol mac n cheese?

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            Oh... your grilled cheese sounds AMAZING!!! Not weird at all.

          2. Grate a generous cup or so and toss it with the flour at the start of your favorite pie crust recipe. Then make your pie crust as usual. I do this for apple pie and have used Dubliner as well as a good sharp cheddar.