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Apr 7, 2008 05:41 PM

Toronto: best sweets in Little India?

Where is your favorite place to go for sweets in Little India? (take-out/bakery style, not eat-in)

I used to go to Surati, but they closed their Gerrard shop.

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  1. i'd like to know too, or anywhere else in the downtown area...

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    1. re: alltummy

      I like the chocolate burfi and dil bahars from Mahar and Motimahal.

      1. re: mia_wallace

        The sweets at Mahar are fabulous.
        Now I'm craving them and need to make a trip over there!

        1. re: emmalee

          Moti Mahal and Mahar would be my choices. BJ Supermarket has a self-serve counter at the front of the store, though quality is hit-and-miss (I have had pieces that were extremely fresh, others rock hard when they weren't supposed to be).

    2. Thanks for the suggestions; I'll check out both places.

      Yeah, I was at BJ recently and the sweets looked...unappealing. I picked up some samosas though (years ago they were excellent), but was disappointed to find that they tasted of refrigerator.

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      1. re: Olivia

        I've never tried the sweets at BJ, because their samosas always had flies INSIDE the I feel everything there is unappealing.

        If you're looking in Little India, then the Motimahal's sweets are pretty good.

        1. re: tp24

          Shalimar Sweets at the junction of Gerrard and Greenwood has very good carrot, turmeric, and another kind of halwa - you get a large amount for 5 bucks and it is delish - just make sure you get the fresh stuff which he keeps on the counter.

      2. Also, not at Little India, but in the Little Bangladesh area, Anondo, just opposite the big Leon's at Main/Danforth has great Bengali-style sweets. They make different kinds everyday, everything from rasagollas to phirni to pithas, about 6 bucks for a box and they are lovely and fresh. Usually sold out by late evening. Do a google search if you don't know what these sweets are. Their food is also very good home-made regional cuisine.

        1. Try Annapurna Sweets at Warden /Ellesmere South West is really good

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          1. re: Evol1966

            I didn't like the sweets at Annapurna...if we're talking best sweets outside of Little India, then MISTAAN SWEETS is pretty good, but their SAMOSAS are the best in the world.
            (Vic Park and McNicoll


            Mississauga Sweets has really delicious (and a huge selection) of indian sweets.

          2. Surati Sweet mart is the best!

            I love their sweets. I've never bought sweets anywhere else. Their savoury stuff is good too; especially the chili bhaji...YUM!

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            1. re: TOchowgal

              Agreed. That's the one I always go to and I'm always happy with their stuff.

              1. re: TOchowgal

                Yep, that's why I started the thread. Their Gerrard location is closed, but they are still on Carnforth (their commisary/warehouse, I suppose).