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Apr 7, 2008 05:32 PM

Ali Baba Mediterranean Cuisine, Yonkers

I was traveling North on the NYS Thruway and at the Mile Square Rd exit in Yonkers I glanced to my right, I noticed a small place (looked somewhat like a dive) on Central Avenue called Ali Baba (Mediterranean Cuisine). Does anyone know anything about this place?

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  1. I was there the other nite. Yes, atmosphere is lacking but the cuisine definitely makes up for it. Great food, fresh, tasty. The staff is wonderful & I felt like I was back in the Middle East! I would stop in. They have special prices for lunch & the dinners are quite reasonable.

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      Do they do Falafel? Do they have takeout?

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        Where exactly are they? North or South of Mile Square?

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          I am trying to figure that out. It is actually on Central Ave South of Mile Square. The OP says he saw this at the Mile Square Exit which is actually south of Mile Square Road. Could it be closer to Yonkers Avenue? I actually did the Google Street view of that stretch of Central Avenue, but could not locate it.

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            For those of you who are from the neighborhood, I'm pretty sure this spot was Cookie's restaurant about 25 years ago. Yes, a random reference, but we went to Cookie's once a week when I was younger, so it will always be Cookie's to me.
            If you're on Central Ave traveling north from the raceway/Yonkers Ave, it's about a block past Stewart Stamping, right where Vredenburgh splits off of Central. I think there's a Cigar/Smoke shop, the Thai grocery and then this place.

      2. Oh that's right near my house! How refreshing to have a new cuisine in this neighborhood. I was starting to get sick of the Chinese/Italian/Diner cycle,
        I will go soon and report back. There is also a Thai market over there that I have been meaning to check out.

        1. It is actually on Vredenburgh Ave, and that is at the Mile Square exit, however you would have to make an illegal right turn, or otherwise go around the block to get there. You can get off at the Yonkers Ave exit, cross over Yonkers ave and continue down Central Ave and make the right that way.

          1. What dishes did you have there?

            Not saying I would not try something else here, but I have to say that my quest for a decent falafel (that I do not have to go to NYC to get) has not been fulfilled. Wasn't expecting Azuri Cafe by any means, but I would have been happy with something at least "pretty good". I had found when living in Philly, that the falafel places almost always got the salad part wrong using ice berg lettuce and large cut carrots and stuff like that.

            The falafel at Ali Babi is the "Cigar Roll" type and contained almost nothing other than the falafel balls themselves. I ordered it with Hummous but didn't notice very much in the way of sauce. I sorta like it drowning in Tahini sauce. Also...I am not sure why but the roll up falafels just don't seem as good to me as the pita pocket type. Too much bread relative to filling or something.

            The decor was not sooo awful but the location was pretty horrible for a sit down meal because you have the traffic on 87 roaring past the front window. (It wouldn't stop me if the food were great).

            Oh well. Have yet to try Ya Hala which is somewhere in Yonkers (which is not all that far, but not in an area I frequent .... unlike the Cross County Mall)

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              My exact sentiments regarding the falafel, although I liked the hummous more at Ali Baba than I did at Ya Hala.

            2. here's an update: I understand they changed hands recently & I haven't been back to try it.