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Apr 7, 2008 05:27 PM

Best Food Carts in Eugene/Springfield

What are the best food carts in Eugene/Springfield area?
I'm specifically looking for the ones that are lesser known.. the "hidden gems."
I'm tired of lunch at the regular cafe/burger joints.

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  1. We don't really have a food cart culture in Eugene. If you can find the Tacqueria Volcan cart, that's pretty killer, but I haven't seen it since it vanished from the scenic Hollywood Video/Side Pocket Tavern parking lot no-man's-land this past summer.

    Did see something called Oklahoma Smoker BBQ or some such out of Highway 99 today. Said "coming soon" but who knows what that means. The smoking rig looked right and proper, though, so there's the potential for good.

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        1. Ume Grill-small menu of japanese-style beef skewers, rice, slaw, sauces
          (evenings @ 19th & Agate)

          Party Cart-changing menu of PacNW samplings featuring local ingredients or purveyors
          (11am-9pm @ 27th & Friendly)

          Ubon Thai Kitchen-large menu of incredibly flavorful Thai favorites and variations
          (11am-8pm @ HWY 99 between Roosevelt & Royal)

          Nosh Pit-small rotating menu of PacNW/American/International offerings featuring (mostly) local and all natural ingredients
          (11am-3pm @ Broadway & Willamette for the time being)

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            I did Ume and Delacata on the same trip. I liked both very much, but I felt Ume lacked value. It was tasty but very small portions. I think it was more expensive than some yakitori type places in San Diego, and considering the low overhead, they could do better.

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