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What to do with produce bags

Some time ago I read/heard about a nifty way to recycle produce bags. The major problem with recycling things is storing them between uses. Now we take an empty nasal tissue (Kleenex type) box and as we empty each produce bag we fold it and put in through the slot. We then can pick them out just like tissues. Exception, of course, is a bag that contained raw poultry.

We use the bags for storage, discarding stuff, putting glasses in when we are going to store them, as quick "gloves" for messy jobs like putting bird suet in a holder... Once they are handy the uses suggest themselves.

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  1. Packaging material.

    I figure it's probably no worse than styrofoam or bubble wrap.

    1. We take them back with us to the store for produce and bulk items. I try to go ahead ad put them in the backpack/cloth bags we take to the grocery store.

      Some UPS stores will take packing peanuts for reuse and possibly bubble wrap.

      1. Well, I have a big dog, that uses up a ton. Also when cooking I lay one out on the counter and heap my discard trimmings etc, then gather up and take to trash- cheap version of the "garage bowl". Saw a website recently with instruction on cutting them in strips, linking the strips and crocheting a grocery tote with them!

        1. Some food banks need these, and food banks often really need the regular plastic grocery bags. At least the ones in DC normally do.

          1. We just use produce bags for picking up after the dog.

            1. On the "dog" front, I also take a bunch of clean, no holes produce and other plastic bags to the dog park- they have a PVC "dispenser" where you can add your own bags.

              1. If you have a baby, you should keep a couple in the diaper bag, so if you have to dispose of a dirty diaper, you can seal it up. Much nicer than just dumping in trash can.

                Torty, I wonder if you could cut them into strips and crochet a little pot scrubber with them? Where did you see that? I save the plastic net bags that tomatoes come in, roll them up and use them on pots and pans.

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                  If you google, crochet plastic grocery bags, you will get alot of sites with instructions.

                2. If they are still clean, I tuck them into my reusable grocery bags and use them next time I go shopping.

                  Or they get used for dog walking duty.

                  1. I use the plastic ones for what I clean out of the kitties' litterpan, and the paper ones for trash, or for use as packaging material, on the outside of a package. Cut handles off and use inside out so the printing doesn't show. It's tougher than kraft paper, and as long as the package is small to medium size, works great!

                    1. I try not to take too many at the store, there is no reason why a bunch of bananas or a single grapefruit or pineapple needs a bag, nor 2 apples or 2 tomatoes etc.

                      1. I never use plastic produce bags, I use a basket from home, put my produce in that, which I place in the "seat" area of my shopping cart. It works GREAT! Call me quirky, but I also have over 40 canvas bags that I use for shopping everywhere from Sam's Club, to Target. I have even gotten my husband to use them!

                        They also make great hostess gifts.

                        1. I have a friend that refuses to keep a large garbage pail either under the counter or a simple kitchen sized covered trash receptacle on the floor out of sight. Instead, she keeps a small covered Bullet Can on the counter top, lines it with the produce bags for refuse. A Bullet Can is the type of trash can you see in commercial fast food places with the push in door. She fills it as she is preparing anything in the kitchen and discards it immediately after all her preparation is finished, e. g., In the morning, after making coffee, she empties the grinds and immediately takes it to the outdoor trash cans.

                          1. I also use the tissue boxes to store the bags, and use the bags to line our small trash containers in the bathroom, bedroom, etc.

                            Also, I've used empty toliet paper rolls and stuffed some bags in there, and put one in each car (under the seat or in the pocket in the door. This way, we always have a bag for trash.

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