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Apr 7, 2008 05:27 PM

What to do with produce bags

Some time ago I read/heard about a nifty way to recycle produce bags. The major problem with recycling things is storing them between uses. Now we take an empty nasal tissue (Kleenex type) box and as we empty each produce bag we fold it and put in through the slot. We then can pick them out just like tissues. Exception, of course, is a bag that contained raw poultry.

We use the bags for storage, discarding stuff, putting glasses in when we are going to store them, as quick "gloves" for messy jobs like putting bird suet in a holder... Once they are handy the uses suggest themselves.

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  1. Packaging material.

    I figure it's probably no worse than styrofoam or bubble wrap.

    1. We take them back with us to the store for produce and bulk items. I try to go ahead ad put them in the backpack/cloth bags we take to the grocery store.

      Some UPS stores will take packing peanuts for reuse and possibly bubble wrap.

      1. Well, I have a big dog, that uses up a ton. Also when cooking I lay one out on the counter and heap my discard trimmings etc, then gather up and take to trash- cheap version of the "garage bowl". Saw a website recently with instruction on cutting them in strips, linking the strips and crocheting a grocery tote with them!

        1. Some food banks need these, and food banks often really need the regular plastic grocery bags. At least the ones in DC normally do.

          1. We just use produce bags for picking up after the dog.