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Apr 7, 2008 05:18 PM

Kosher Cookies? Passover Dessert?

Where can we order the yummiest kosher cookies? We are looking for a place to order a fabulous Passover dessert. Any ideas? We're in the West Hollywood area but will travel outside the area if it's worth it.

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  1. Gelson's does wonderful stuff, though it's technically Viktor Benes'.

    I also love Beverlywood Bakery on Pico.

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      agree with both of these and add delice bakery on pico

    2. what makes a cookie Kosher?

      I know Leda's does Vegan cookies without butter animal fats. they use a healthier vegan shortening made with coconut oil, I think.

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        Well, there's definitely a difference between just kosher and kosher for Passover, so I think the original poster should specify which she needs. The Fairfax District is a good bet for this. There are a bunch bakeries between Melrose and Beverly alone.

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          Kosher for Passover means no leavening, besides abstaining from the use of most grain. Common Passover desserts include sponge cake made with matzo cake meal (matzo ground to a flour-like consistency), coconut macaroons, chocolate coated matzos, and sweets made with almond paste. Eggs and/or egg whites are typically used for leavening. As the OP said, check with the kosher bakeris on Fairfax. Some of them open special kosher for passover shops just for the holiday.

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          Again, ask on the Kosher board for more scholarly answers. The basic ingredients of a cookie are kosher (flour, eggs, sugar, etc.) The concern might come in any additives, colorings, or preservatives. Or if they are baked in a pan that previously was used to bake something non-kosher. For these reasons, any eating establishment, including bakeries, must be certified by a rabbi or someone trained in the kosher laws.

          Kosher for Passover is a different issue as there are much more strict rules over what may and may not be eaten on Passover. Flour and leavening agents are prohibited, as are corn and legumes for Jews of eastern European descent. Kosher for Passover baked goods are made using cake meal (which is finely ground matzah meal) or potato starch.

        3. Schwartz Bakery and Eilat Bakery (both kosher) make probably the largest selection of Passover baked goods. They're not open during the holiday (if I remember correctly), but the few weeks beforehand (NOW), their stores convert to selling exclusively Passover products. The selection includes cookies, chiffon cakes, macaroons, sheet cakes... Prices are very high compared to normal baked goods, but all kosher for Passover products are. Both bakeries have branches in Pico/Robertson and on Fairfax.

          My all-time favorite Passover dessert is leaf cookies, which are almond paste shaped like a leaf and coated in chocolate. Yum. Unfortunately I haven't seen any leaf cookies in L.A. (There's a bakery in NY, Gruenebaums, that makes them the best.) I would also recommend the rainbow cookies and 7-layer cake. Which are available here. In fact, the Passover 7-layer cake might taste better than the non-Passover one. :)

          Finally, you might try moving this post to the "Kosher" board which is full of people in the know.

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          1. I really do want to know what one has to leave out of a cookie to make it Kosher. Eggs? Milk? Butter? Can you not combine eggs and butter? If so, then Leda's is a fit for that. I also second Viktor Bene's!

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              To insure all ingredients are kosher a bakery needs to be under kosher/rabbinical supervison for a cookie to be kosher - really the most common ingredients of a cookie typically are kosher - butter, milk, flour, eggs - the issues that come in include the type of shortening used particularly lard or mixing meat and dairy or some of the processed ingredients like frostings and the like that might contain non-kosher products like lard or non-kosher gelatin

            2. sprinkles cupcakes on little santa monica is making kosher for passover cupcakes