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Apr 7, 2008 05:15 PM

Beso v. Citrus at Social

I am trying to decide whether to take a food-centric group to either Beso or Citrus, both in the Hollywood/WeHo area. Please share your views if you've been to one or the other (or, better yet, both). Thanks very much.

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  1. It doesn't seem like Beso is a good bet for a food-centric group, given the recent reviews on this board:
    Remember, this board has a search function!

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    1. re: Nicole

      Thanks. I did try to search but for some reason I missed this link. Sounds like Citrus is the far better choice.

    2. Citrus is awesome ---have not been to Beso, but reviews have been terrible as you can see by Nicole's link...

      1. I think if you're looking for a place to take a group that is interested in food, you should choose a restaurant where FOOD is the focus, NOT the scene. For the WeHo/Hollywood area, there a lot of places to consider. AOC, Lucques come to mind in WeHo. Comme Ca is good and has more of a scene. Mozza has both the food and the scene in the Hollywood area. Or, the Hungry Cat is yummy and in the heart of Hollywood. If you have no budget to speak of, go for Bastide or Providence. Any of these should be enough to make a group of foodies swoon.

        1. I haven't been to Citrus or Social but I tried Beso last week and it was an awful awful dining experience. don't waste your time or money! the food was seriously bad!

          It's very pretty inside and the drinks are good so if you really want to go I'd just hit it for drinks and eat somewhere else!

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          1. re: omgirlie

            Thanks. We've been to all of the other places recommended by SarahM, and I actually tried to get a reservation at Hungry Cat just because I liked it so much, but we couldn't get one for 6 people on a Saturday night even a month in advance (and I thought they had expanded)! I think we'll try Citrus at Social.

            1. re: sweiner

              Citrus at Social just got a 3 star review from the LA times. The drinks and decor and neighorhood are just as good as beso.

              Beso on the other hand is laughable from what I have heard.

              If you are craving Beso type food, wait 6 months for
              Josef Centenos latin-inspired tasting menus as Casa, or Rivera and Provecho when the all open downtown.


              1. re: jlrobe

                interesting. i guess josef is foregoing the tasting menu restaurant he was originally planning on opening in echo park/silverlake.

                1. re: wilafur

                  He is planning to offer tasting menus in a small section (bar) at the new location, though.