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Apr 7, 2008 04:59 PM

Best Duck dishes in NO...

First time Jazzfest-er and first time in NO in nine years. I was a college student then, and am hoping to have a larger budget for the weekend... My wife is a vegetarian, and while I'm sad she's not coming with me for this trip, it does mean I can go a little crazy in the meat/shellfish department. There's a ton of great info on the boards, attempting to whittle down pre/post Jazzfest meals. one question for y'all: best duck dishes in New Orleans? Think I'm probably going to do one really nice sit down, and try to catch cheaper local faves the rest of the time (yep, I know the food at Jazz Fest is almost as good as the music, so i expect to not be so hungry until later).


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  1. Duck leg confit at Herbsaint is excellent as is the pork belly. Short rib app. is also outstanding. Much prefer this to Stella's duck 5 ways.

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      Tommy's duck salad. From the website:

      Smoked duck breast sliced over spinach, drizzled with an orange reduction, sautéed mushrooms and candied pecans

      I had to google it - have not had that salad in a long time but it was so good. I wish they were open for lunch.

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        I absolutely LOVED Stella's duck five ways. The foie gras wonton was unbelieveable. That dish was one of only two meals from which I actually cried afterwards, it was so amazing.

      2. My all time favorite duck dish, in New Orleans or anywhere else, is at Brigtsen's. It's Roast Duck with Cornbread Dressing and Tart Cherry Sauce. It's slowly roasted so it stays moist inside with a crisp skin. The skin is removed and the duck deboned, reconstructed and then re-covered with the skin and served on a bed of dressing. It's superb.

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          Second Brigtsens

          For cheaper fare, the slow roast duck po-boy at Crabby-Jacks is pretty phenomenal as well.

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            I'm a huge fan of the duck at Brigtsen's, but one of the few who is not a fan of the Crabby Jacks duck po boy. For a cheaper alternative to Brigtsen's, I'd go across the street to Dante's Kitchen, which serves an excellent duck as well.

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            Just came back to NOLA for the first time in 15 yrs, and made my Brigtsen's reservation for last night a month ago. The duck with cherry sauce is truly phenomenal; possibly better than K'Paul's duck w/ dirty rice 20 years ago...

          3. Not a fancy dish (or expensive), but still really good are the duck quesadillas at Coop's Place.

            1. Best duck I've had in New Orleans, Cuvee:

              steen’s-cured-smoked breast; confit leg, walnut-bleu risotto, hudson valley foie gras; pear glacé

              1. LOVE the roasted duck at Upperline. Check out their website.

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                  I second Cuvee, also the Grapevine on Orleans Street has a nice duck confit appetizer and a good duck salad.

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                    Had Cuvee's "The Duck" (that's what it said on the menu: the Steen's cured/confit/blue cheese risotto thing) two nights after the duck with cherries at Brigtsen's: the verdict: too busy, not ducky enough. The blue cheese overpowers everything else. The Chowspouse, who rarely has met a duck she didn't like on her plate, agreed. Frankly, we liked the duck in the slow-roast duck po' boys at the festival as much or more, at a price with a different number of digits...

                    r gould-saltman