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Apr 7, 2008 04:57 PM

Is Old Town Mexican Cafe in San Diego the place to go?


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  1. I should add that we do like the idea of handmade tortillas...

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      Yeah. . .Old Town Mexican Cafe ain't exactly haute cuisine. It's very touristy, and the food is only so-so. Still, the other aspects of the restaurant, that you have two kids, and you are looking for the right atmosphere, this place would probably fit. Though, to be honest, so would El Torito (okay, Old Town Mexican Cafe is one or two steps above El Torito, but you get the idea).

    2. The lovely ladies out front are so sweet...Catalina was one of my fav's since I was little..
      My DH always get the carnitas and I get the usually a bean burrito or a quesadilla and a marg..handmade tortillas are so good..
      It's not the best but it's not the worst...
      I like walking around the Whaley House across the street afterwards..

      1. Spicy Mexican Grill is the place to be if you really want authentic Mexican food. Old Town Mexican Cafe is the place to be if you want American-tourist Mexican food served in kitschy surroundings.

        1. I just had dinner there last week with a friend (her request). I ordered the Steak Azteca and it wasn't that good. The mexican rice was gummy, the black beans were too salty, and didn't care for the steak marinade. I did enjoy the handmade flour tortillas.

          Their carnitas are supposed to be good I already had a jumbo carnitas burrito from Porkyland for lunch that day.

          1. No. Seriously, it's not terrible but San Diego has so much better to offer.

            Search the forum for Mexican food in San Diego, and you'll find numerous posts providing better options. With a bit of effort, you can find phenominal Mx food in San Diego. If you have to have Mx food in what was once known as "Old Town" try Casa Guadalajara.