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Apr 7, 2008 04:26 PM

Lemongrass opening in Crofton

I've heard that Lemongrass is due to open a 2nd location in Crofton in the old Crystal Hunan space on Rt. 450 sometime later this month. Great! Now I don't have to go to Annapolis for good thai food. Anyone have an exact date for opening?

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  1. Actually that would make location number 3, they opened one in Baltimore a few months ago. Good news if true!

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      Actually 4, they have two locations in Annapolis.

    2. The Suburban Scene, one of the local papers that comes in the mail, said that the Lemongrass in Crofton is supposed to be opening on April 15 - next Tuesday! When I've gone by, the old Crystal Hunan sign is still up outside, but maybe most of the work is done on the inside.

      It will be a very welcome addition to the area. There is no Thai or Indian food in the immediate area. I enjoy Saigon Noodle House for Vietnamese in the next group of stores over, but it's not fine dining. And besides going to Bowie for Grace's Fortune, there is really no good Chinese in the area either. While I don't mind driving to Annapolis for dinner, it's nice to have local places to go with the kids.

      1. Lemongrass in Annapolis had ratings through the roof! I always wanted to go there - I'll probably try the one in Baltimore since it's closest. I read an article about the Owner - just a Mom and Pop type business. Can all these places be great when so many of them are being opened?

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          Ratings from who? Lemongrass has good marketing and decor, a very easy menu to navigate, and isn't challanging to American expectations. Great Thai food worth a It's okay if you're around the corner, but in the region I'd say that Little Spice is better for a similiar style. If you really want to be impressed, however, you'll probably need to drive to Wheaton.

        2. Drove past the new Lemongrass location in Crofton today. There is finally a sign hung over the canopy that says Lemongrass and the windows are covered over with paper and there are Now Hiring signs in the windows. I originally read in one of the local papers that it was supposed to open this week, but I'd say that it will be at least another month until it's operational.

          1. Hi all, I was at this storefront last Thursday, the 17th and it didn't look like the place was anywhere near opening. There were only a few signs in the window saying Lemongrass was coming but gave no date.
            I can say that today I got a menu in the mail for East Moon Asian Bistro in the new shopping center on 450 and Highbridge in Bowie, behind the Texas Themed steak house. They have sushi, thai, chinese, and some Japanese stuff there. It's actually part of a chain with the other two locations in Colorado. I'd have to assume they're open if they're sending out menus to everyone.
            It'll be real nice to have some Thai food in the area.

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              Lemongrass 4 (in Crofton) should be having the soft opening this Thursday, May 1, but will definitely be open by Friday the 2nd. The windows are no longer covered if you'd like to steal a glance at the inside.