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Apr 7, 2008 03:43 PM

cyrus restaurant

my husband and i will be traveling to sonoma in august and wondering if this place is as good as "they" say...any one been recently

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  1. The Places link for Cyrus will give you links to several people's reviews:

    Here's the link to mine (warning: it's very long

    I loved it. I actually texted friends in the middle to say it was kicking the French Laundry's ass (note: I *always* turn off my cell phone in nice restaurants, and I *never* text while eating. I was so giddy from the meal that I had to actively retrieve my phone and turn it on in order to express my giddiness to two friends I knew would appreciate it. Then I turned off my phone). It's an expensive meal, but worth every penny. They give you so much for your money I actually left feeling like I'd stolen something. So... yeah, that's a vote for "go" from me.

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      Funny you mention the text thing...I celebrated my birthday there last summer with my husband and his family (table for 5) and had to sneak off to call my mother and tell her how great it was. Has anybody been there for a special occasion? I got this sweet note wishing me a happy birthday and then they brought me fresh cookies in this glass dome that has a balloon attached and when you let the air out of the balloon it sprayed chocolate confetti all over the cookies. It was all I could do not to take a picture! Go! It's an experience!

      1. re: KateMW

        So its the adult version of Chuck E. Cheese? =)

        1. re: KateMW

          Thanks for the report on the birthday gong that Michael Bauer mentioned. I think it sounds Awesome!

          How is getting reservations? Do you have to leave a credit card number? On Opentable it mentions needing credit card number.

      2. loved it! Service, decor, food. . .everything top notch and wonderful.

        I think it would be a shame to be in the area and miss it.

        In fact, I am going to take my sister there next time she visits and she is the pickiest, hardest person to please - but I know she will adore this restaurant.

        1. yes it is
          went 2 years ago for husbands 40th
          food was terrific and service even better

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          1. re: Table of Six

            Food was average (some dishes intriguing some disappointing) for restaurants at this caliber.... the service is weird & not for everyone... its kind of Disneyish or whats that movie set in a Northeast gated community where some of the people are actually robots?

            1. re: Eat_Nopal

              EN - which local restaurants in the same price range do you consider superior? My meal at Cyrus was the first expensive meal I've had in the Bay Area that I thought was worth the price (compared to Michael Mina, Gary Danko, Boulevard, Jardiniere, The French Laundry, and Quince). Actually, I thought it was worth way more than what I paid.

              I think the service may have improved significantly since you were there - both you and another poster commented on the awkward service at that time, but I had perfect, professional but enthusiastic service more recently, as did several of my friends on a separate occasion.

              Link to Eat Nopal's Sept 2007 review:

              1. re: daveena

                I haven't eaten at any local restaurant where the food was clearly superior than Cyrus BUT... I do think that Cyrus does NOT standout compared to similar caliber restaurants I have experienced in my life Chez P, Joe's, Michael's, Bellinghausen, Antigua Hacienda de Tlalpan, Le Impero etc., meanwhile it WAS the MOST (by far) expensive meal I can ever remember paying for.

                I really like, and when I go back will try, the Asian inspired dishes. I think this is what they do best... and what would distinguish Cyrus from some of the restaurants I have mentioned.

                BUT overall I don't really see it as a destination restaurant... I just had to drive 10 miles or so to get to it.... if I had flown across the country and it was one of just a couple of places I had obsessed over, looked forward to, built up etc., I know I would be really disappointed.

                In terms of dishes I've had since moving up here that really haunt me... Cyrus just doesn't occupy any place in mind, I find the following much more memorable:

                > Roast Duck Curry with Pumpkin at Khoom Lana $18
                > Quail with Cabrales, Figs & Greens at Monti's $15
                > Puerco en Chile Ajo at La Mixteca $6
                > Duck in Mole Verde at Taco Max

          2. If you go, definitely splurge and do the champagne and caviar cart. Everything after that will taste good and make you happy.

            1. Opentable does require a credit card in order to make a reservation, and is not specific on what the cancellation policy is BEFORE you have to put in the credit card number. However, after putting in the credit card number, on the confirmation page, it indicates that the restaurant has a 24-hr cancellation policy, with cancellations within 24 hours triggering a $50 per person charge.