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Apr 7, 2008 02:58 PM

Have a Smoked Salmon, Now What?

My father sent me a smoked salmon and I don't know what to do with it. It has been a while since I had a taste of one and I am not sure I am a fan of it by itself. But I would be up for trying it in recipes or sandwich selections. What ingredients is it good paired with? Any fun ideas? I love all sorts of ethnic foods.

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  1. I love it with a bagel, red onion, capers and cream cheese. Most people would add a tomato to that, but I hate tomatoes.

    1. Gosh, it's good with cream cheese and chives and thin bread.

      I also use mine with red onion on a sandwich, in an omelet, frittata or a pizza. It's good with goat cheese in all of these

      Serve it with creme fraiche atop blini.

      Chop it fine and mix it with home made mayo or yogurt and dill for a great dip or spread (can also be done with a hand blender or food processor.

      You can find some great recipes for a salmon mousse using smoked and fresh salmon.

      OK, this is odd, but wrap it around a mild or sweet pickle with cream cheese! YUM!

      Toss it in fresh pasta with roasted garlic, capers and chopped red onion with a sprinkle of Parmesans and a dollop of goat cheese or richotta.

      throw it on an arugala or spinach salad with shallots or red onion(it goes well with smoked salmon) good olives and a poached egg. toss in a little olive oil and white wine or white
      balsamic vinegar

      Put a few strips on a hamburger.

      Hollow out a fresh tomato (out of season, really, right now) and stuff it with a mixture of the smoked salmon, olive oil, shallots or green onions, mayo or creme.

      Serve it atop slices of peeled cucumber.

      Find a recipe for smoked salmon chowder.

      Gosh how coud one go wrong

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        Excellent ideas above (this probably belongs on the home cooking board, though). If your omelette skills aren't up to par, you can always just mix it up with some scrambled eggs (also add a bit of cream cheese while cooking) and eat it with potatoes, or on your favorite bread product (bagel, english muffin, rye bread, anything, really).

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          Wow, I think I am converted. I will have to go pickup some cream cheese and a few other items and give several of these ideas a shot. The spinach salad sounds great!

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            Do all the above work with hot smoked salmon?

          2. Is this the hot smoked west coast style, or the eastern nova-lox? If the former, it will be somewhat dry and flaky. It's the lox style that is commonly eaten thinnly sliced with cream cheese and bagels.


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              Yours, paulj, is an essential question.

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                It is from Oregon so I am pretty sure it is west coast style. I have seen lox and this does not look like that.

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                  I've been making hot smoked salmon and breaking it up and putting it with some rotini pasta that's coated with a pesto of arugula, spinich, beet greens; any of the greens listed or any combination. This is where you can get creative and or use what you have on hand.

              2. jfood was in Alaska two summers ago and brought back a few packages of smoked salmon. Brought some bagels home from Ess a Bagel in NYC, some cream cheese and then went to the package and opened. Huh? This was not Novey/

                It reminded jfood of the salmon from a can only much dryer and flakier, definitely not what jfood anticipated. And he did not even like it.

                So it's important to know whether it's the bagel-type or the non-bagel-type.

                1. Pasta with alfredo sauce... very good if you've got the hot smoked variety. Cold smoked I love with scrambled eggs and cream cheese as mentioned below or you could make your own Philadelphia sushi rolls!