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Apr 7, 2008 02:54 PM

Online source for kitchen sinks?

Does anyone know of a reputable online source to buy a stainless steel kitchen sink (undermount)?

There are plenty of online sources, but I don't know which are good and which might not be.

We are getting a new granite countertop and need to change our sink.

Thoughts and opinions appreciated.

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  1. Trish, I don't know where you live but if you have a Home Depot or Lowe's nearby I'd start there. Why pay for shipping if you don't have to? If you're responsible for getting the sink make sure you have the proper mounts before they get there to do the job.

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      I bought my sink from a vendor on Ebay for $310, $120 less than Home Depot's $430 ($455 w/tax) price, shipping included. Just about every decent sink manufacturer has PDFs on their website with the exact dimensions of the sink and all its flanges, etc. As long as your own measurements are exact you should be fine. Mine was an Elkay and it came with the mounting clips, I added a few more fasteners than the installation instructions called for and just used thick stainless steel washers as clips, they work nicely. You'll need to check what fasteners are best for granite.

    2. Going to a location for most home products is wise - measuring and nuances can be tricky. Imagine returning a sink you bought online? Expensive shipping - what a hassle.
      Undermounts are great - you'll love it!!!

      1. I am not a very trusting person when it comes to online sellers. I have been burned both directly and by clients asking to purchase "on their own" to save money. Sometimes this works, but more often you run the risk of delaying your project.

        In general places that have "bricks & mortar" stores tend to be a little bit better about knowing HOW to package & ship sinks. They are HEAVY but can be damaged. Tossing it in with a mixed load of freight on bulk load is NOT the way to save money...

        Often times even smaller local suppliers can get attractive prices if you work with them on an order for your whole house -- list price is generally not the ONLY price that anybody sells building material for. Smart suppliers know that cash is better than credit, but from a buyers perspective credit companies DO help protect against fraud on both sides of the transaction.

        KNOW EXACTLY what you are buying -- almost every sink comes in several finishers/grades. You ought to know that the heavy gauge sinks with sound deadening a lot nicer than the cheap sinks that dent and rattle whenever a drop of water falls on 'em. Stuff with a mirror finish is not going to stay that way unless you never cook/clean pots. Off brands might not even be made of real SS, meaning a grade that will react from kitchen chemicals...

        There ARE reputable on line ways to purchase, but there are out numbered by the bad sellers. Generally the good companies are perfect if you are miles from any competitive sales outlets, in this day and age that is pretty few places. Almost every place should be with a few dollars of one another after negotiations -- there is no reason for a large sink manufacturer to sell their current products to one dealer more cheaply than others. The exception is "end of line" items -- wherever this stuff is sitting in a warehouse after the manufacturer changes the product that seller is going to clearance it for whatever he can get. This is especially true when the new item is only a tad different than the old. You can get a huge discount. Of course you still have to deal with a reputable firm that knows how to package ans ship and only sells sinks that are complete.

        Don't forget that those clearance sinks sometimes will work best with the basket/strainer/tailpiece from the same company. IF you can get everything at once it makes life MUCH SIMPLER....

        Good Luck!

        1. Thank you all so much for some very sound advice!

          I have been to my neighborhood Lowe's and Home Depot, but was not impressed with their offerings. I would specifically like a sink with two equal-sized sections that can hold dishes and pans and such. At both spots the sinks with the two sections had one section that was huge and the other much smaller. Not practical for me.

          Also, both Lowe's and Home Depot had some 18 gauge stainless steel sinks, but they also had many 20 gauge (which I think I understand to mean is lighter than 18) and I was hoping for 18 or 16 gauge even. But these stores didn't have 16.

          So generally, I found their selections lacking, though perhaps they can custom order for me.

          Since I am going to the trouble to get granite, I figure the sink should be top notch as well. It took me several tries until I found a faucet I like...a Delta one.... so I have hope I will find a sink.

          Thank you all again, very much!

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            When we got a new countertop from Home Depot, we were very unimpressed by the sink selection. We ended up going to a local plumbing supply place--waited on by an experienced person who knew exactly what we were looking for and ordered it for us, and it came within a week.

            The prices were actually better than HD or Lowes, with better service and we supported a local business to boot.

          2. I found a sink online, from the Sienna Sink company, that looks like what I want and the price is excellent. It is called the Sienna Piatto, and here is the link:

            The specs are as follows:

            Sienna Piatto™ - SS208-C:
            Double Bowl Undermount Sink w/ Center Drains

            This 8 1/2 inch deep stainless steel double bowl undermount sink would make a great addition to any kitchen or utility room. Loaded with features and at less than half of the suggested MSRP - this Sienna Sink just can't be beat!

            * Beautiful soft satin brushed finish
            * 18 gauge heavy duty certified 304 series 18/10 CrNi (Chromium Nickel) stainless steel
            * Sound dampened with sprayed sound proof coating and an additional thick rubber sound proof pad
            * Triple reinforced underpanel
            * Ships with a template and mounting hardware!

            The quality and durability of our sinks stand the test of time - all our stainless steel sinks are all SGS and CSA tested.

            This sink is in stock and will ship for free within one business day.

            The cost is just $199 including shipping. I am VERY tempted. Anyone see anything wrong here, or something that would give one pause??

            I did a google search and found one complaint from a few years ago, otherwise nothing.

            Your thoughts and gut reaction are appreciated.



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              I would ask this same question on the Gardenweb home forums under the Kitchen section and see what they say. The fact that you couldn't find anything with a google search other than a complaint isn't necessarily bad, but I'd say it's a reason to do more digging.

              Also check out Galaxy Tool Supply, their Ticor sinks are well-regarded for the price. They have one a lot like the one you're looking at, it's $10 more but it's made of thicker 16-gauge steel:


              It also comes with sink grids.

              1. re: TrishUntrapped

                I bought two sinks from Sienna and love them! Saved over 300 bucks on just the large sink.