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Apr 7, 2008 02:51 PM

Making Mimosas Tonight: Champagne/sparkling wine Recs?


I'm making mimosas tonight. I've had them before on a few occasions, all with substandard orange juice and I'm sure cheap sparkling wine. I'll be using freshly squeezed orange juice from our tree. I need help with the other ingredient. I'm neither a connoisseur nor frequent drinker of sparkling wines. I know the traditional mimosa is made with champagne, but if I don't have to spend $30+ for champagne, I don't want to. I'm open to prosecco or other sparkling wines that you think will make for good mimosas.

Thanks for your suggestions.

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  1. Use a cheap sparkling wine -- the Mumm Napa is a steal at around $15,

    Have you ever noticed mimosas made with orange juice have a sort of sour flavor?
    You completely eliminate the sourness, and take mimosas to where they should be
    all along, by using grapefruit juice, especially fresh-squeezed grapefruit juice.

    My favorite is the Mumm Napa Blanc de Noir (very pale pink) with fresh-squeezed ruby grapefruit juice. Tasty. Pink on pink, so beautiful, even sexy, to look upon. The best and highest level of mimosa-dom.

    Yeah, yeah, I know you have fresh oranges from your tree. Use that beautiful juice for something else, like straight OJ in the morning.

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      Thanks, Maria. Yours was an entertaining and informative post. I'll be sure to try the fresh grapefruit juice route another time.

      1. re: Wolfgang

        I took Maria's wine advice, going with the Mumm Napa Blanc de Noir. It made great mimosas and I'd even serve it straight up if I needed to buy a bunch of bottles for a party.
        The oranges from my gf's trees (in Ventura county, if it matters) are consistently better than I've ever had from any store or farmer's market or roadside stand, so the juice by itself is sublime. Together, the pair made for a wonderful drink.

        1. re: Wolfgang

          Sounds great. I think the Mumm was a great suggestion. It is a good sparkling wine for the price, and something that most people, including myself, could drink on its own. Whenever we make mimosas we try to use the least expensive bubbly that we are still happy to drink and serve straight up. For us, it does not make sense to use an expensive champagne where the OJ will obscure the nuances that make it special. Invariably, someone usually wants a glass without the OJ, and it is nice to have something open that works on its own. If I am drinking a fine champagne, then I want to taste the champagne and I would not want the OJ in it. On the other hand, I have certainly consumed quite a few mimosas at various and assorted Sunday brunches, where I am sure I wouldn't have enjoyed the bubbly without the OJ.

      2. re: maria lorraine

        The Mumm is great; also the Roederer Anderson Valley Brut is an excellent buy, and very good at $16.99 (Cost Plus, Costco, BevMo on sale).
        We had a sparkling tasting and that was the most popular by far.

      3. Segura Viudas Aprkling Cava from Spain....$8 a bottle

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        1. re: vino5150

          Ditto! I was just about to say that when I saw your post. AND it is also delicious on its own!

          1. re: ChefJune

            Exactamundo..also try Canella Prosecco. Another inexpensive alt coming in at $14