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Apr 7, 2008 02:28 PM

Taqueria Coatzingo -- which one?

Heading to Taqueria Coatzingo for the first time -- don't know much about Jackson Heights but I'm always on the lookout for great tacos (and the specials sound excellent, too). Which branch should I go to? There will be two of us, looking to feast cheaply and have a few beers.

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  1. Try the one on the N. side of Roosevelt , between 76 & 75th . It is also open real late .They also have a bakery a door down .The barbacoa , meatballs , chilli rellenos , and tamales are good . The enchiladas are only OK .Good selection of beers , though a little $$ for the nabe' . I like it & they are friendly... + good horchata . I also like TACOLANDIA for tacos al pastor . Fresh & friendly .. they are always busy .

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      Coatzingo consistently has the best al pastor on that stretch of Roosevelt. I've posted recently that the chile rellenos (at least the one I ordered recently) is not very good. The birria de res is also quite good, as well as the lengua. Most of the seafood dishes are not that great, nor are the grilled meats (dry). They tend to excel with the stewy stuff. I wouldn't recommend the al pastor at Tacolandia. Tacolandia's tongue tacos are good and quick though. And if you want something substantial, the huaraches there are enormous, and similar to the ones you get at the Redhook ballfields.

      1. re: E Eto

        heard there was a new, great place to get huaraches/quesadillas on The Strip? any ideas? and, second on tacolandia's lengua taco.

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          I disagree guys. I've only tried them once, but I don't think Tacolandia's lengua tacos are all that great. I much prefer TC's. I did a side-by-side the other day. Tacolandia sort of uses diced meat while TC uses almost "pulled" style steamed lengua. Besides not tumbling out of your tortilla, the tender, juicy meat at TC has a much more delectable flavor profile. And their guacamole "sauce" is better at TC....I'd love to learn more about Redhook style huaraches in that area...

          1. re: Silverjay

            ya tacolandias is like the tongue stew, whereas TC is like the al vapor steamed one, both of which I think are beat by the tongue tacos at Poblano, where its more of a hard-grilled asada taco. but hey I can go for all 3, for 3 diff. tastes.

            1. re: Silverjay

              I'm not sure these variations on lengua tacos merit such a comparison. I hardly ever leave Taqueria Coatzingo without getting a lengua taco and it is one of my favorite items on the menu there. However, the one at Tacolandia is different, and as I've mentioned in the past, the quality of the taco varies by how long the lengua has been simmering in the red sauce. Tacolandia is by no means a destination spot, but whenever I pass by and I check that the lengua hasn't been refilled for a while, it's a good sign. And I'll get one because it's a quick $2 snack. Otherwise, I'll spend my $ on any number of other places within a few blocks.

      2. definitely the original -- on roosevelt between 76th and won't be disappointed!

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        1. re: david sprague

          also make it a point to try breakfast sometime, hit it 2x in 2 weeks for eggs and chorizo. your in for a suprise!

        2. I've been to Coatzingo perhaps a hundred times, and ALWAYS to the original branch, at 76-05 Roosevelt. So I definitely think you should go there. Besides, it is so very close (about a 60 second run) to the huge subway station at 74-Roosevelt.

          1. I've been only to the one on 82nd St. and now after seeing the responses I think I should try the "original". But no one has said exactly *why* the original is better, except for its proximity to the express trains.

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            1. re: seneca

              I've dined at both, albeit only once at the 82nd street branch. I think the cooks are better at the original and the food is fresher (i.e., moves faster, more customers.)
              But who knows, maybe they're both equally good now???