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Apr 7, 2008 02:19 PM

Neomeze review

Well..had to try and was sadly disappointed :(

Interesting decor - liked it actually. The tables are short statured with leather tops accompanied by short, velvety topped chairs. The walls are exposed showing the lovely brick and wood - a little dark but, very neo. Last night, Sunday, it was jazz (chose this place b-cuz of the jazz too!) - the worst I've heard - sounded like the neighbors backyard wanna-be's. Was first served plain ole' Pasadena water but, where it came from I'm not sure because it tasted like the lamb chop special they had sauteing back in the kitchen - yuch! And, it was only WATER!! I was reduced to the decafe which to me, wasn't any better than an ok day at Starbucks.

There was 3 of us. We ordered, neo bean salad, eggplant caviar, garlic shrimp (5 - 20 count size), jerk chicken(4 tenderloins) and mushroom papperdelle, Nothing memorable! I thought the neo bean salad was over saturated with dressing and the cucumber/mango salad that came w/the jerk chicken is a wonderful combo but, again, over saturated and it took me looking again at the menu to remind me of what it was. (I thought maybe it was yellow pepper). It's too bad. But there again is the restaurant wanna -be in Pasadena that isn't quite there. If the music doesn't shape up, I wouldn't even stop for a drink!

Dropped 80$ when all was said and done. My punishment for not making it to Jitlada earlier in the day! - So sorry Cecilia. - Kitchen Queen

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  1. Exact opposite experience 2 weekends ago. The service was terrible (no attitude, just lame) but the food was very good. Everything was super flavorful and seasoned well.

    Goat cheese brulee: excellent, great textures and great flavor combo
    Calamari: perfectly cooked, light batter, seasoned well
    Lamb kebab: again cooked well, seasoned aggressively, great taste, sides were tasty
    Wild mushroom pappardelle: fresh made pasta, great, mushroom sauce creamy good
    Herbed potatoes: tons of herbs, very flavorful, simple but well done

    Even with inexperienced service I wouldn't hesitate to go back. But I also agree the jazz was very tame and uninteresting.

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      I agree with Sebi. I was there several weeks ago and LOVED everything, especially the goat cheese brulee and the lamb chops. Our service was decent (not outstanding but not terrible), and it was a Friday evening.