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Apr 7, 2008 02:06 PM

Dinner near Baltimore Comedy Factory

My husband I are going with another couple to the Comedy Factory Saturday night. We are looking for a nice place to have a casual dinner before the show. We would prefer not to have to park twice so within a reasonable walking distance would be preferred. Thanks for any recommendations.

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  1. What kind of price range are you looking for? Any dietary restrictions (vegetarians, etc)? Burke's is right below the comedy factory, and it's nothing extraordinary, but would be fine if you were looking for a place close by to get a burger and some beer. There's also everything at the Inner Harbor, but I usually don't go to places there, so I can't speak to any of them.

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      I would say entree's no more than $30. No dietary restrictions. A place with some good beer would be a plus. I thought of Burke's but wanted to see if there were any better recs.


    2. My husband and I like Tir Na Nog, in the Inner Harbor. Lots of Irish and English beers on tap, with a decent menu. It's just a couple of blocks south of the Comedy Factory, on the upstairs level of the Harborplace Pratt Street Pavilion. It would be my only recommendation in the Harborplace pavilions. It is technically a chain, tho. They have locations in NYC and Philly.