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Astronaut Ice-Cream

This is probably going to get me branded as some psychopath weirdo (as if I wasn't already), but I just got some Astronaut Ice-Cream and find it strangely addicting.

It doesn't even really taste cold (at least not in any normal sense) and if I close my eyes and throw away the wrapping I could swear I'm just eating one big Neopolitan marshmallow.

I find myself eating it at breakfast, with coffee, as an appetizer and even with peanut butter.

I think I'm going to "re-freeze" my Astronaut Ice-Cream and see what it's like ...

Anyone else a fan?

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  1. That's the freeze-dried stuff, right? It tastes like sweetened dried milk in styrofoam format. Kind of like those marshmallows from Lucky Charms -- though I loved that stuff as a kid. Yeah, I'll label you as a psychopathic weirdo. But I'm sure there are a lot of other weirdos on this board to keep you good company. ; )

    1. Ugh, not me...I think of it as flavored expanded polystyrene.

      1. Where did you get that? I have never seen it before. Looks a bit stale/dry/odd!

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          You can get it from the Kennedy Space Center gift shop http://www.thespaceshop.com/

          Or, if you prefer, from Amazon.com

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            I remember when I was ten and did a 2 week trip with school to DC, and at the Smithsonian, we all bought a package of the ice cream. We got ten feet into the parking lot, I ate a couple of bites, and my stomach immediately rejected it. I still get iffy to this day when I think about it... maybe it's the texture/taste combo... It tastes a bit like hardened meringues (which make me gag as well, go figure).

        2. I'm with you; I love this stuff! The chocolate part is my favorite.

          1. The freeze-dried icecream is the only reason I would go willingly to the Air and Space Museum with my husband and son...I love that stuff for no good reason. But then again, I love Circus Peanuts, too. ( The large, orange, banana-flavored peanut-shaped marshmallows)

            1. Sometimes they sell this stuff in the corral you have to wander through at Fry's to get to the register, and I fall for it every time. Delicious.

              1. Several of the backpacking food companies sell freeze dried ice cream--check your local sporting goods store for some.

                1. I love astronaut ice cream. I would eat it all the time if it wasn't so expensive. Due the price, I've only had it a few times.

                  1. That looks really good. I might have to try it some time in the future!

                    1. I remember this stuff from from when I was a kid, but never found it more than momentarily entertaining even then. (And back then, sticking my finger in the sugar bowl and licking it off was worthwile too. LOL) IIRC, it was a lot like those in-retrospect-awful nasty little dried out marshmallows in some breakfast cereals. It had potential, but didn't pay off IMO.