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Apr 7, 2008 02:01 PM

Astronaut Ice-Cream

This is probably going to get me branded as some psychopath weirdo (as if I wasn't already), but I just got some Astronaut Ice-Cream and find it strangely addicting.

It doesn't even really taste cold (at least not in any normal sense) and if I close my eyes and throw away the wrapping I could swear I'm just eating one big Neopolitan marshmallow.

I find myself eating it at breakfast, with coffee, as an appetizer and even with peanut butter.

I think I'm going to "re-freeze" my Astronaut Ice-Cream and see what it's like ...

Anyone else a fan?

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  1. That's the freeze-dried stuff, right? It tastes like sweetened dried milk in styrofoam format. Kind of like those marshmallows from Lucky Charms -- though I loved that stuff as a kid. Yeah, I'll label you as a psychopathic weirdo. But I'm sure there are a lot of other weirdos on this board to keep you good company. ; )

    1. Ugh, not me...I think of it as flavored expanded polystyrene.

      1. Where did you get that? I have never seen it before. Looks a bit stale/dry/odd!

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          You can get it from the Kennedy Space Center gift shop

          Or, if you prefer, from

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            I remember when I was ten and did a 2 week trip with school to DC, and at the Smithsonian, we all bought a package of the ice cream. We got ten feet into the parking lot, I ate a couple of bites, and my stomach immediately rejected it. I still get iffy to this day when I think about it... maybe it's the texture/taste combo... It tastes a bit like hardened meringues (which make me gag as well, go figure).

        2. I'm with you; I love this stuff! The chocolate part is my favorite.

          1. The freeze-dried icecream is the only reason I would go willingly to the Air and Space Museum with my husband and son...I love that stuff for no good reason. But then again, I love Circus Peanuts, too. ( The large, orange, banana-flavored peanut-shaped marshmallows)