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Apr 7, 2008 01:55 PM

White Plains must-eats for Manhattan foodie

I'm going up to White Plains this weekend and I just wanted to know what are the must-eats in town and the surrounding (within 20 mins) region. I'm looking for something with character, something quintessentially NY suburban, something I won't usually find in New York City.

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  1. To be bluntly honest, there's nothing you could find here in Westchester that wouldn't already have a better version in Manhattan. high-end, ethnic, you name it. If you want quintessentially suburban, I guess it would be a chain restaurant like Applebee's or Zanaro's.

    The only unusual non-Manhattan eats one might argue are Latino places in Port Chester; there are some posts already if you do a search.

    Even Blue Hill has a Manhattan outpost already. But I guess you could get the farm scenery here.

    If you just want to know some decent places to eat in White Plains, you could try Peniche, a modern tapas place. Some of the recent fancy-pricey places here are BLT Steak, 42, Antipasti (all have very mixed reviews thus far). Aberdeen has good Chinatown style food. Sushi Nanase is an ultra-Japanese haute sushi joint. Sunset Grille is slightly upscale Mexican. La Bocca is decent Italian.

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    1. re: jeanki

      I think the Port Chester experience is a good rec-- it's quintessential Chowhound Westchester. It's a little less known than the usual image of Westchester (most people who aren't from here think Westchester and think of Scarsdale), so I would recommend that too. Like jeanki says, the ethnic enclaves of our towns are the only thing that are somewhat unique to Westchester. Adamclyde has great recs, so search for them!

      1. re: i_eat_a_lot_of_ice_cream

        Are places like Walter's Hot Dog Stand worth the hype?

        1. re: krystle920

          Most don't think so, krystle920. They're worth trying, once. I'm a native, and haven't gone back in years.

          As to White Plains, I can't think of one place that is unique to the area. Most are SO/SO and overpriced for what they are. Two of my recommendations, if you still want to eat here, are Sunset Grille and Bao's. Both are very, very good and reasonably priced.

          1. re: krystle920

            I heard a lot about Walter's when I moved to lower Westchester. I think a lot of the appeal is due to nostalgia. Lots of people around here started going there as children. My grandchildren think it's fun; I can take it or leave it.

            1. re: krystle920

              Absolutely not. I've lived quite close for the last two and a half years and have been only once. I don't get it. It's not that good, in fact not really good at all. Kind of blech. Seems it's a neighborhood institution (like Sal's pizza) and that's why it's popular. At least Sal's pizza makes a pretty good sicilian slice but Walter's does not make good hot dogs.

            2. re: i_eat_a_lot_of_ice_cream

              I have actually been to Chavin in Port Chester. I was thinking I'll try either Inca Y Gaucho or Misti this weekend. Which one is better?

              1. re: krystle920

                inca y gaucho is a little nicer inside. I find the food there pretty good. The pollo ala brasa isn't as good as misti, but they have good lomo saltado, etc. Plus, half of their menu is argentine/uruguayan so you can find some meats with chimmichurri, chorizo (pork sausage), morcillo (blood sausage), etc. Now, I don't claim the argentine stuff is great. I find it fairly average. But still, it's unique for the area.

                1. re: adamclyde

                  Thanks, I will probably try Inca y Gaucho if we go Peruvian. How about any Japanese hibachi style places? I know it seems very Benihana-ish, but somehow it still seems suburban cool. And I have to admit I like that type of food too. Even though it is probably anti-foodie to say so.

                  1. re: krystle920

                    Edo in Port Chester is hibachi style. It may not be high-end food, but I like it reasonably well. It can get crowded, so call ahead.

            3. re: jeanki

              blue hill at stone barns, is the outpost of blue hill nyc, blue hill nyc is the original and first blue hill

            4. I think Aberdeens is nice for dim sum and chinese that's more authentic than your run of the mill place (its in Marriott Residence Inn but don't let that put you off). Go to New Rochelle (The Little Mexican Corner Restaurant is good, there are others) for authentic stuff- tons of recent immigrants in downtown New Ro, makes for good food.

              1. i agree with jan
                come to downtown(main street) new rochelle and experience the diversity of what is now a true suburban NY town. within a few blocks are three good authentic mexican restaurants, a good irish pub, good upscale indian and a fantastic home style peruvian eatery. if i had to pick only one it would be the peruvian restaurant- since you don't see many in manhattan- the food is very good- service warm- and everyone seems to be happy and comfortable there...
                can't help too much if you are looking for a chain restaurant since they are not generally my favorite...

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                1. re: rochellefoodie

                  what's the name of the irish pub and the peruvian place?

                  1. re: raider

                    cholo's kitchen is the peruvian restaurant and speckled door is the irish pub

                    1. re: rochellefoodie

                      I have never had Peruvian food. what would you recommend if we go there?

                      1. re: rolise

                        Hi rolise. Everyone is different of course but my favorite Peruvian dishes are Papa Rellena and a green spaghetti - I can never remember the exact name. At Misti it comes with a giant piece of breaded chicken - so good!
                        Lomo Saltado and Papas a la huancaĆ­na (yes I had to look that up to spell it!) are popular too. Try the Inca Cola, it's like Mountain Dew on steroids. Although I prefer the purple corn drink, chicha. And of course you can get ceviche.

                        1. re: rolise

                          i would try any of the "saltado" - a stir fry over homemade french fries and rice(alot of carbs but oh so good!)- which you can have with beef, chicken or seafood
                          i also enjoy all of their seafood dishes, but as UB notes everyone has their personal favorites
                          most peruvian food is well spiced but not hot-- but you can add some hot sauces that will really light your fire...
                          have fun, take a few friends and try anything -everything that sounds intertesting

                          1. re: rochellefoodie

                            They look interesting, rochellefoodie. Did I miss it, or aren't they missing their address and phone number on their website (which is a hoot by the way)?

                            Do they serve dinner?

                            1. re: dolores

                              they serve dinner- but may be closed on mondays
                              they also seem to open for lunch most days...
                              if you are around new rochelle earlier in the day(breakfast -lunch) you might want to try G-bakery ( a columbian bakery) for some great empanadas, interesting breakfast specials and pastries. they are on north avenue, east of main street in the shopping center across from the mormon church

                              1. re: dolores

                                Cholo's Kitchen
                                4 Lawton St.
                                New Rochelle, NY 10801
                                Closed Mondays

                                And please check out the "News" section of their website to get a sense of the owners' personalities:

                                1. re: yumyumyogi

                                  Thanks, yumyumyogi. I got there, finally. Interesting food. The tres leche cake was very good.

                    2. White Plains doesnt really offer up anything not found in NYC, but with that said you can get great wings and a wide array of beers at Lazy Boy in white plains or Candlelight in Scarsdale.

                      Other favorites within 20min are:

                      Bagels - Sunshine Bagels in Ardsley
                      Thai - The Thai House in Ardsley is the best I've found in Westchester
                      Steak - I've had a damn good steak at Blue in White Plains also Meritage in Scarsdale
                      Chinese Takeout - Golden Wok in Ardsley
                      Sushi - Sushi Mikes in Dobbs Ferry
                      Wings - Candlelight Inn Hartsdale
                      Mexican - Sante Fe in Tarrytown
                      Greek - Lefteris Gyron in Tarrytown
                      Best Fine Dining Meal - X2O in Yonkers
                      French - Buffet de La Gare
                      Jewish Deli - Epstein's in Hartsdale
                      Pizza - Ardsley Pizzeria (but it's not always great)
                      Italian - anything but pizza and brew (scaramella's, giuseppes, genaro's, etc.)
                      American - Harvest on Hudson, X2O, Blu, Blue, and Meritage
                      Beer Bar - Lazy Boy
                      Bakery - Rivera Bakery hands down
                      Diner - oddly enough City Limits

                      see more here:

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                      1. re: ginsbera

                        sante fe- weak
                        epsteins-fair to weak
                        x20- good, harvest weak
                        bakery- kneaded bread port chester good
                        city limits- mediocre

                        1. re: ginsbera

                          Sorry, ginsbera, I certainly would not sent someone from Manhattan to Epsteins. It's fair at best and anything in Manhattan would be better, IMO

                          1. re: debmom

                            Agreed. I would also not recommend sending anyone for Chinese food. If they came from the midwest, maybe; but not someone who has access to a million good chinese restaurants in Manhattan.

                            1. re: valerie

                              I'm not recommending they go there, if you look at where my list came from, it came from the best of westchester posting....if someone is already in white plains/westchester then these could be viable options, if they are coming here for food alone, they may want to think again.

                              1. re: ginsbera

                                >>if they are coming here for food alone, they may want to think again.

                                Very true. Isn't that sad?

                                1. re: dolores

                                  I mean I grew up in Ardsley close to White Plains, within 20minutes you could get great to good food at a variety of places, but its not NYC, and it's not Brooklyn (where I live now). They aren't fair comparisons though due to demographics, economy and simple supply and demand. If you want a suburban dining experience do what I did when I lived there was go for dinner wherever or even cook in then go out to a bar, movie or pool hall and then finish the night with Candlelight Wings or Lazyboy wings before going home. That is a suburban night out unless you just want to go home by 10pm which is a different story,

                                  1. re: ginsbera

                                    To the original poster, Sushi Nanase on Mamaroneck Ave. in WP is one fine sushi dining experience. Sushi is fresh and exotic, fabulous sake menu (and omakase tasting menu as well) and the chef makes his own soy sauce. I have taken very fussy people there and they loved the experience.

                          2. re: ginsbera

                            If I may, here would be recs from someone who overindulges in pursuit of food, and this is the passable to great imo:

                            High End:
                            --42 is slammed on Chowhound...I had a great meal there...NYTimes just rated it excellent.
                            --the rest are overpriced
                            Upper End
                            There are a bunch of Italian joints that are good, but you always look at the check afterwards and think: not that good. I live in Downtown White Plains, so we do go to these places for convenience:
                            --Via Quadranno
                            --La Bocca (this has the best personality of the three)...but can smell a bit funky

                            --Peniche is enjoyable enough for Tapas

                            Tango Grill: I have had 4 great meals there: WARNING, one night we had a long, expensive night with many bottles of good wine...on of my business partners swears that they switched one bottle for another on the bill. They denied it. Then we sent our Lawyers there, and they had the same experience (unsolicited). This could be random weirdness...but I track the bill there more carefully.

                            --Bengal Tiger: One of the few EXCELLENT restaurants in Westchester, and better than any other Indian.

                            Average: There are plenty of average Italian joints at average prices...probably the best is Ianelli's (formerly Amangiere) on Mamaroneck Avenue.

                            Now don't throw me under the bus for this...but if you need easy one stop suits all (less adventurous), don't rule out Cheesecake Factory.

                            I have found no really good Chinese, but after 9 years I must admit never making it to Bao's. No great Chinese. Not a sushi freak so I am the wrong guy. No great French. These are the walkables.

                            Asian Temptation is nothing special.

                            Good luck.


                            1. re: Rinjani

                              I live in downtown white plains also.

                              42 - I have had a good meal and a not so good meal... Depends on if Anthony is in the kitchen supervising the cooking.

                              Penice - great for tapas - but very noisy...

                              Antipasti - cold - service and food suppar for what they advertise.

                              La Bocca - good food - warm atmosphere.

                              Via quadrono - corporate restaurant - no personal touch - food so so

                              Bengal Tiger - I am not a fan of Indian Food but love them

                              Ianelies - good pizza and for now that is about it.

                              Tango Grill - have eaten there a lot and always found the food and service excellent. Never had a problem with the bill. Have always ordered a bottle of wine with dinner.

                              Asian Temptation was good when they opened but have gone way down hill. Now have a lot of competion with the new Asian restaurants that have opened and will be opening i the next few months. They better get their act together.

                              Cheese cake facory and PF Changs. very popular with moms and young couples on a date. If you want to take a beeper and sit on the floor for an hour be my guest.

                              1. re: kaaaassss

                                Kaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaassssssssssss. Nice Work! Accurate Assessments...other than Ianelli's deserves a bit of a boost vs. what you are suggesting...their portabello mushroom with crabmeet and goatcheese for example is not the norm. Cheers, T

                              2. re: Rinjani

                                Sorry that you missed Aberdeen. It's a little out of the way (ground floor of embassy suites?), but the food is truly outstanding. Just put your self in the hands of the excellent waiters and let them order for you. With 4 or more adults, I would order one of the banquets. Excellent

                                1. re: jwg

                                  have done Aberdeen...thought it was barely above average...guests seem to enjoy but truly nothing special. Only once..will give it another shot..thanks jwg.

                                  1. re: Rinjani

                                    Why don't you ask the waiter if he recommends anything. The meal we had where we asked the waiter's recommendations (older thin man) was outstanding. And he seemed so pleased to be asked.

                            2. I would most certainly recommend Walter's hot dog stand. Maybe there are some others who don't like it and think that it is all hype, but I strongly disagree. Best hot dogs hands down in Westchester and the potato puffs are also great. Lines can be long when the weather is nice, but few people complain and all you hear are raves for these great dogs. I would try it just once to see what you think. There are tons of people who live and die by these dogs and it all ain't just hype.

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                              1. re: chloe4ever

                                Just curious Chloe, what do you like about the dogs and what do you find great about the potato puffs?