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Apr 7, 2008 01:40 PM

Dallas Party-planning noob needs some help

... It's a long way off but I'm going to throw my wife a surprise birthday party. I am thinking about possibly doing this at the Dallas Arboretum, a lovely setting. I've called for costs but am clueless about what this might set me back.

As a relative newcomer to the DFW area I am at least equally clueless about other possible places for a reasonably nice party. I'd rather have cocktails and heavy hors d'oeuvres than a sit-down meal, I think, though I'm open to a sit-down dinner at the right place and price.

We live in Plano. Thus far the restaurant that seems the best balance of nice spot, good food, and reasonable pricing is Mignon, but I'm not sure I could take over their patio. Since my wife loves to dance, I'm thinking about hiring a DJ and I don't know if that's gonna happen there either. I have thought about a hotel (Frisco's Westin and the Legacy Park Marriott are close by) but something about that feels a little too... I don't know, vanilla, I suppose.

So, finally, here are my questions: what suggestions do you have for interesting, attractive party locations around Dallas, North Dallas, and/or Plano and environs? Secondly, how much cash should I be looking to stash to fund this littlepalooza assuming I have about 45 guests? I know, costs will vary a lot depending on multiple factors, but if you can help with thoughts about venue and food costs (roughly - like I said, I know...), I would be grateful.

Fine, have a little fun at my expense. I told you I was a noob.

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  1. Well not going to set you back as much as say a wedding but ours cost only $3,000. I would suggest calling Richadson Women's Center (Jupiter & Campbell) for the Founders Hall ASAP. It is right on the golf course and is unbelievably nice and even comes with a dance floor (for your wife of course). It is quite large for your even but I didn't invite that many to my wedding. The Richardson Womens Club does have a policy to use their preferred cateres and we used Guess Who's Coming to Dinner which did a nice job of staying within our budget. I am sure you can even suggest a few hors d'oeuvres if you want specific ones.


    Second as far as music I would suggest Melodies & Memories - Melody. She came by before the wedding to pick out music...of course since I love music she ended up staying for about 4 hours with us discussing music and me burning about 5 discs for her.
    She also does parties and she has even done a few Bangra/Hindi parties...she said they were a lot of fun. Everyone at my wedding was pleased with her music choices and they way she kept the party rolling.

    Hopefully this will get you started!

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      Great suggestions - thanks! The Woman's Club looks perfect... I'll go check it out. This would require some trickery since it will be a surprise party and I'll want to maintain the surprise. Thanks for the tip on Melody, too.

      Anybody else?

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        Speak with Janet or Brad at No Worries They are a full service 1 stop shop caterer and will have tons of suggestions for you. They do everything .