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Apr 7, 2008 01:08 PM

What do you put in your burger meat?

I just grilled yesterday- I added diced onion, jalepeno, pepper, garlic and worcestshire (sp) sauce. Threw on some pepperjack and it was delish. What do you add and what tips do you have for grilling? Do you add egg in to keep it together?

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    1. Here's an even longer list of topics:

      Good lord, NO egg! This isn't a meat loaf :-).
      I avoid fresh veggies mixed with the meat - too much water interferes with browning both meat and veggies. If you must, use small amounts of dried spices and finely minced herbs.

      1. I have lately used a recipe from epicurious--search on jalapeno cheeseburger. There is onion and jalapeno and a few other things in the meat, a glazing sauce, and a sauce that goes on the bun. I find it really savory and delicious. Sharp cheddar. Actually, it is similar to what you added!-but no egg.

        1. No egg, no worcestershire sauce... I want a burger not a meatloaf patty. Rarely I'll add finely minced onion and a few times I've added minced bacon or just bacon fat (only if i have to use lean meat), but I like a "normal" burger. Just ground chuck, loosely formed into patties, liberally salted and grilled or griddled till medium rare, add a slice of cheese and you're golden...

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            i'm with ESNY, simple is better. typically nothing more than salt & pepper for me unless i'm making some sort of regionally-inspired gourmet burger. and eggs are for meatloaf only.

            i don't even bother with the cheese most of the time - i want to taste the meat, and it has to be rare...which is why i never order burgers in restaurants - they won't cook them that way for me!

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              Exactly...nothing but salt and pepper on top. Burger purist.

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                Ditto - 80/20 with pepper only. The other stuff can go on top but nothing should hide the meat.

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                  Count me in with the rest of you on 80/20 with salt and pepper. But rather than straight S&P, we often like Montreal seasoning (S&P and a little bit more). Must be rare and I just love cheese, but I can live without it...rare is not negotiable, tho'!

                2. Salt & pepper and butter.

                  Either take a ball of meat and put in a pat of butter...or take two patties and form them around a pat of butter. Trust me, it makes a juicy and delicious burger. Or if I'll add tiny cubes of butter and mix that into the meat and then form that into a patty.....but your burger will have lots of little holes.

                  The burgers turn out so incredibly moist that way, but I also eat my burgers as rare as possible (usually raw in the middle) so that could also help

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                  1. re: bitsubeats

                    Sounds like you follow the Paula Deen method. That woman is decadent!

                    1. re: bitsubeats

                      I go with the pat of butter with tarragon in the middle, a tip I picked up at the "21Club", where the burgers are $25. I thought "I can do this at home, for less." Maytag blue and a slice of red onion makes it a symphony.

                      1. re: Veggo

                        Great tip about the tarragon - I also do the pat of butter in the middle.