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Apr 7, 2008 12:48 PM

Best Ice Cream in los angeles????

I've looked over the other posts on here and many are outdated. So I thought i'd start a new one.

Who has the best all around ice cream "NOT YOGURT" in los angeles.

Second what is the best Pint of ice cream you can pick up at a local store?

My votes would be Boule for scooped ice cream i'm not sure what kind it is they scoop but its GOOD!!

And Dr. Bob's Scharffen Berger Works which can be picked up at some Gelsons or Surfas Kitchen supply. YUMMMMM !!!!!!! Amazing stuff if you like a THICK ice cream like me.

Let the ice cream wars begin.


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  1. Scoops


    Mashti Malone's (available in store,or in pints in WF)

    McConnell's is actually a SB established place, but you can find pints of it at, say, Whole Foods or gelsons. My favorite pint! (or worth at trip to SB)

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    1. re: Diana

      I got a 2nd, third, and 4th for Fosselman's

      Taro is obscene, but i'm also a sucker for their cherry vanilla

      1. re: ns1

        I was really disappointed in Fosselmans when I first tried it. My favorite flavor - Chocolate Chip. Tasteless. I gave it a second chance and tried Coffee. Sorry, folks...I don't get it. Not going for 3 strikes.

        1. re: Lv2EET

          As you can see from some of the responses for Fosselmans, the secret is knowing what to order. I found them pretty underwhelming on my first visit. After reading a couple of threads/mentions on them, I was more discreet in my ordering, and was well-rewarded.

          1. re: Lv2EET

            Fosselman's Peach ice cream in the summer, with rasperry sauce and whipped cream.

        2. re: Diana

          The Lemon Custard at Fosselman's in one of the best ice creams I have had outside of Italy. The mint and chip was good but ordinary

          1. re: PurpleTeeth

            Taro in store and 1/2 gals. of ube to take home!

            1. re: PurpleTeeth

              lemon custard is my wife's fav but i do like their fresh peach ice cream

            2. re: Diana

              McConnell's is scooping its ice cream in Los Angeles at Grand Central Market in Downtown.

            3. I agree, Boule and Dr. Bob's are about as good as it gets.
              I hate to say, but Fosselman's and Scoops, although full of nostalgia and bizarre flavors, respectively, are not very good quality ice cream. But I go to both of them for the atmosphere and other factors.
              Actually my favorite store ice cream is Sheer Bliss pomegranate with dark chocolate chips, since Dr. Bob's is a little heavy for me.
              Pazzo Gelato in Silver Lake can be very good for some flavors, especially pistachio.

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              1. re: Chowpatty

                I tried Boule for the first time a couple of weeks ago. I had a a scoop of this crazy intense rich chocolate. I thought it was chocolate ice cream perfection - so satisfying that you don't even need to have more that a few bites.

                I also agree about Scoops maybe not offering the best quality ice cream, but the prices and flavors make it fun. The maple oreo with big crunchy chunks of cookie in it is my favorite there.

                1. re: trishyb

                  Boule does have the most perfect ice cream... but sometimes a girl wants other flavors...


                  1. re: Dommy

                    I sampled the honey and the pistachio flavors at Boule, too. They were pretty exquisite, too!

              2. do yourself a favor and order this.


                coconut chip is my fave.

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                1. re: woofer

                  Woofer you should try the Coconut Chip at Glacier in Manhattan Beach, it's close!

                  (Yes, the chips are softish!)

                  1. re: jackattack

                    Yes! Glacier in Manhattan Beach has an amazing Melted Chocolate Chip Coconut ice cream. Holy Coconut. Love it! It is a coconut ice cream with chocolate stracciatella... coconut and flakes and chocolate throughout.
                    Also, if you are there, you HAVE to try the funky donkey. It's peanut butter ice cream with oreos.

                    I need a glacier fix! It's on sepulveda blvd. &17th on the west side of Sepulveda.

                    1. re: HulaShakeJaz

                      Funky donkey's now my favorite awesome stuff

                      1. re: Ben7643

                        SO addicting, right?! When did you first try it? In a cup or fresh waffle cone?!?!

                        1. re: HulaShakeJaz

                          In a class sundae bowl ;) with a brownie and hot fudge.

                      2. re: HulaShakeJaz

                        Dommy and I were there tonight Since she needed something Soft for her lack of Wisdom teeth. I had Funky Donkey and she had the Raspberry Cheesecake in a shake. Plus as a bonus they were selling Vosages Bars for 3.99 which I think is half the price of Surfas, we took 3

                        Take Care

                        - P.

                  2. For me, the quadrinity of fine ice creams would probably be Boule, Bulgarini, Scoops and Fosselman's. Boule and Bulgarini both have very rich and true flavors with a velvety textures. I like Scoops for their unusual flavors, though not all of them work. And Fosselman's is solidly good and excellent for sundaes & banana splits.

                    I also admit to a weakness for Haagen Dazs Reserve Flavor: Hawaiian Lehua Honey & Sweet Cream-- it's usually available at the more upscale stores.


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                    1. re: AquaW

                      Fosselman's makes the most amazing fruit flavors in the summer--peach and blueberry, in particular, are my favorites, with their little chunks of fruit-body within. Taro is also nice, as is the dutch chocolate and the pistachio--and their sundaes and malts go a long way in beating the Alhambra heat. But the peach is hands-down the winner.

                      1. re: AliLovesLA

                        Fosselman's is currently offering Sweet Corn Ice Cream. Get it while it lasts. It's better, in my opinion, than the season fruit varieties.

                    2. My vote goes to Scoops. I always bring back a pint of brown bread ice cream if I've got room in the freezer.

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                      1. re: SauceSupreme

                        Dude, how can you ever not have room in the freezer for a small pint of ice cream?

                        What do you do during your free time? Hunt bison and store the meat and bones in your freezer?


                        1. re: ipsedixit

                          I was thinking the same thing, although I was imagining a million different flavors of ice cream awaiting me in my freezer :). How long does it keep in the freezer anyway?

                          And also are there any places with great ice cream that will mix the toppings into the ice cream like cold stone? Obviously cold stone does not count as great ice cream.

                          1. re: Ben7643

                            Okay, maybe the room isn't the limiting factor, but rather the still-unfinished half-pints from previous excursions. I can polish off a whole thing of brown bread as if it's a cure for ugly, but I'm now realizing that having pints of the exotic flavors is not so much a good idea. The charm comes from the fact that it's different, and that charm wears off much much faster when it's sitting in the freezer already.

                              1. re: HulaShakeJaz

                                Kinda like dulce de leche without the overly sweet caramel. What puts it over the top for me are the crunchy bits of grape nuts.

                                712 N Heliotrope Dr, Los Angeles, CA 90029

                                1. re: SauceSupreme

                                  But I was disappointed when I had it because I was thinking New England Brown Bread which is Molasses, raisins, buttermilk, cornmeal and rye flour steamed into bread

                                  1. re: Mattapoisett in LA

                                    But come on, don't you think it TASTES like brown bread with ice cream? Even though it contains no actual brown bread.

                                    There's that malty commonality...

                                    1. re: happybaker

                                      Not the New England Brown Bread, it has Irish type brown bread, so it is still not to my tastes.

                                    1. re: SauceSupreme

                                      Brown bread is so good, but the problem is I'm always drawn to trying their innovative flavors and end up getting something new each time. I'm still hoping to run into salted caramel there.

                                2. re: Ben7643

                                  The length of time that ice cream ca sit in your freezer depends on how much water and air is in the ice cream, how often your freezer defrosts, and how well you store the ice cream- we try to remember to place wax paper on the unused portion before closing the lid and putting it away...