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Apr 7, 2008 12:47 PM

Best Italian/ Hudson County???

Hi there!

I'm originally from Brooklyn, and the last 5 years that I lived there (until 2001) were truly a culinary delight, the restaurants all striving and competing for perfection. I remember, fondly meal after satisfying meal!
Ahhh those were the days!

Then I moved to England for six years...
I missed the food of New York most of all...but that's another story..

My husband and I decided to move back to the states in 2006 and settled on Hoboken, NJ. which promised to be a gem of a spot for food, and particularly Italian food....
Well, 2 years and MANY dissapointing meals later...I am still on the hunt for a really good Italian meal...I am determined!

I suppose the best one so far was at a place called Porto Leggero in Jersey City...been there 2x - although one meal was vastly better, than the other, so I still can't give it a completely glowing review.

Anyone out there have any suggestions for me?


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  1. I'm curious to know where you've tried that you haven't liked. I fear I might recommend someplace you've already been disappointed in. What kind of Italian restaurant are you looking for?

    1. I like Renato's in Jersey City. It is behind and connected to Pizza Masters on Central Avenue. You can enter through Pizza Master or go around the corner to Cambridge Avenue. They have a parking lot, very narrow though and also street parking.

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      1. For me, my idea of a satisfying Italian meal is something Rustic like an "Old School Sunday Gravy" My two favorite places are:

        Laico's on Terhune Street in Jersey City. I believe they have another location on Summit. The original Terhune Street location has been open since 1972?

        Di Palma Brothers on Kennedy Boulevard in North Bergen is BYOB and has been open for 60-70 years. Their individual orders are large enough to share (and encouraged). In the end without a liquor bill and the "Family Portions" size dinners. the place is crazy cheap.......but the food quality is exceptional. Check out the pictures at OTB.....

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          I 2nd Laico's on Terhune. It's literally a restaurant on a block with houses, so if you don't know about it, you wouldn't find it! The best food around, but the parking situation is iffy around that area.

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            Parking is somewhat problematic for Laico's on Terhune Street, but I have never had a problem finding a spot on Fowler, the cross street, and never more than a distance of a couple of blocks away.

            The same could be said of the parking situation for Di Palma Brothers, in North Bergen, Kennedy is quite busy, but the side streets have parking spaces available.

            In both instances, the food is worth the effort to find a parking spot.

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              Laico's on Terhune is good, but I like Rita and Joe's better, on West Side Avenue.

          2. GP's in Guttenberg is awesome and not very well unless you live by blvd. east or used to. The place is very old school and very good. Also Augustino's on Washington in your town of Hoboken is better than most in little italy but you won't be able to get a reservation there for months. Call today though.