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Apr 7, 2008 12:33 PM

Best Caesar Salad in St. Lou?

I'm in search of the perfect Caesar salad. By this, I mean the old-style, traditional kind with real Parmesan (imported), big, crusty croutons and anchovies. And, of course, the dressing has to be done right. Any suggestions?

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  1. the presentation is a bit more stylized than traditional, but the best ceasar I have had in years was at mosaic at the downtown restaurant week last august.

    1. I know that Il Vicinio in Clayton serves their Caesar with a couple of anchovy filets across the top.
      I am more partial to their spinach salad.

      1. Big Sky i Webster calls it a romaine salad, I believe, but it's done right. I'm also deeply partial to the lunch-only Caesar at Anthony's Bar downtown, which has Italian tuna in it as well as the anchovy-based dressing, but it isn't quite classic.

        1. For old fashioned, the best I've had is at Al's @ 1st & Biddle.

          1. The tuna caesar at Anthony's Bar is excellent --