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Apr 7, 2008 12:27 PM

Steakhouses in Vegas - dress code?

I am going to Vegas this July and am trying to figure out what to pack - with more airlines charging for additional bags, space might be a premium. What is the usual "dress code" for a Vegas steakhouse? Normally, I go around in a polo shirt, khakis, and cross-trainers, but something tells me that's a little underdressed for most steak places that suggest "business casual", but is a suit and tie overkill? How "casual" can I take it without sticking out like a sore thumb?

(I'm not interested in the really upscale places (e.g. SW at the Wynn) - I'm targeting something along the lines of the Pullman at Main Street Station, The Steakhouse at TI, or The Strip House at Planet Hollywood.

-- Don

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  1. Wear a decent pair of shoes instead of sneakers and you'll be fine. We were at StripSteak at the Wynn a week ago and a lot of guys wore a nice pair of shoes, nice jeans, and a trendy longsleeved shirt.

    1. no sneakers or athletic wear and you'll be fine

      1. A bunch of guys ate at the Strip House in January after watching NFL playoff games all day and wearing jeans with varying degrees of shirts. Although I felt uncomfortable enough upon entering to ask the hostess if we were dressed appropriately, I was told we were fine. Put on a better pair of shoes and you'll be fine.


        1. At the places you're referring to, you'll have no problems with the crosstrainers, anyway. Because of a physical problem, I often have to wear athletic shoes to upscale places, and I've never had a problem anywhere, actually.

          1. Unfortunately the dress code, in most LV restaurants, is causal slob.

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              Prime, at Bellagio, has a no jeans/no sneakers policy - how rigorously it is enforced I have no idea. (I certainly had no trouble wearing a pair of black sneakers).

              My own packing philosophy for Vegas - reinforced by the expensive anarchy that constitutes flying these days, and by the feeling "who the hell am I trying to impress ?" - is to bring hand luggage only. For a three-night stay I pack a couple of polo shirts, folded in plastic, one button-down, ditto (and I wear one along with a pair of cords); a dark pair of chinos and that's it - throw in socks, underwear and toiletries along with some reading matter and you've got an unstuffed carry-on. Now if I were clubbing, I might feel different...

              1. re: Bigtigger

                What "The Old Man" said. And I personally find the dress habits annoying, rude and extremely classless.