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Apr 7, 2008 12:23 PM

Looking for recommendations in Leavenworth or Wenatchee

Hi there... we are going to be in Leavenworth for a week at a time share... looking for any suggestions for food or things to do. Love food of any type... love History. Prefer "Less Touristy" places and like wild game.... or home style cooking. Will look forward to some suggestions... thanks. Terri and Paul Guess

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  1. There are lots of places to eat in Leavenworth, although they are all considered touristy since it is a tourist town. However, among the best, in my opinion, are DragonFly, Gustav's, King Ludvig's, Alley Cafe. I can't think of any restaurant in Leavenworth that prepares wild game, unless you consider the schweinhaxen at King Ludvig's wild game. In Wenatchee there is Visconti's (also in Leavenworth), Smoke Blossom, Shakti's, Windmill. You might try contacting the Icicle Ridge Winery to see if they are offering a special dinner when you are in Leavenworth. It is always a treat to dine with them. Mountain Home Lodge in Leavenworth also sometimes has dinner available to the public.

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        Sorry I can't say much about the food in Leavenworth, as I was not super impressed with where we ate. I agree with Jane917 that they are all pretty touristy, but I think she hit the good ones. As for other things to do, there are some good wineries. The Kestrel tasting room on the main drag in Leavenworth is nice. If you want to drive out of town a bit, I would highly recommend making an appointment at La Toscana in Cashmere, WA. Small, simple, thoroughly enjoyable. He used to be a military school principal, so has lived all over the world, retired to Central WA and started making wine. Delightful man, nice wine, one of my all time favorite stops.

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          I so agree about visiting La Toscana, but be sure to Warren ahead of time. It isn't a walk-in tasting room, and be prepared for A LOT of stories. Other wineries in the area I recommend are Icicle Ridge and Wedge Mountain, both in Peshastin. Wineries are opening up so fast here I am having a hard time keeping up.

          In Cashmere, the suggestions for the BBQ place and a Rusty burger are right on, but the Walnut Cafe downtown is also a treat. And don't forget a trip to Aplets and Cotlets! ON the way into Wenatchee, be sure to stop by Anjou Bakery. Frieda's other choices are excellent as well. I don't know how I neglected to name Cuc Tran, as it is our most frequent dining out destination.

      2. Gustav's for burgers, South for awesome Mexican food, Visconti's for Italian/bistro. As Jane said, everything in Leavenworth is touristy. If you get down the valley, try the barbecue place in Cashmere (Country Boys, I think), or messy burgers at Rusty's Drive In, or stop at the Anjou Bakery for sandwiches or dessert.

        In Wenatchee, I like McGlinn's Pub and Cuc Tran. Smoke Blossom I think is overpriced, loud and not as good as it should be. Caffe Mela is a great place for coffee and sandwiches.

        1. Right in the middle of town is the Munchenhaus. A trip to Leavenworth has to include a Hans’ Jalapeno & Cheddar German Sausage with a pint of Hofbrau Munchen.

          I know it's not a fancy restaurant, but this place is a must stop for our crowd.

          1. Killer, killer BBQ, baron beef, ribs, chicken, great sides and service.
            at country boys southern style BBQ in next door to Wenatchee--Cashmere, WA. We were there last week and will be back for more great BBQ.
            My brother lives in Wenatchee and says the food scene is bleak. We have to agree.

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              Aren't the ribbon fries at Country Boys awesome? I find them deeply addicting.

            2. You might want to try to book into Sleeping Lady Mountain Retreat if you don't require a true restaurant atmosphere with waiters and such. I think they do serve the public, with reservations. I've been to a couple of retreats there, and the food is buffet style but great - lots of home grown produce, fruit, and the chef is great. The 'dining room' is in a gorgeous log building with cathedral ceilings and lots of art, looking out on the river.